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Smartphone Accessories for You and Your Business

Smartphone Accessories for You and Your Business

The way we listen to music and make phone calls has gone through a major overhaul in the past 5 years. Smartphones have become the primary tool for listening to music, making phone calls, and even browsing the internet. It can be safe to say that our hardware has improved along with the products we use, and here we have gathered the details on the latest products that you can use while on the go. Whether you want wireless earphones to listen to music with or to have the latest technological fashion that integrates seamlessly with your new iPhone or Android smartphone, here is our list of the best products that can help you for both on and off work. 

1) Mobile Charger: The RAVPower Portable External Battery 

If you are always on the move for your business, you need to have your smartphone charged and ready for anything. This is where having a portable battery can be useful, especially if you’re in an area without electrical outlets or forgot to bring your phone charger. The RAVPower external battery is perfect for any business trips or just for any on the go travel. This is primarily because it features multiple charging connectors to fit any portable device, including iPhone or Android.  

2) Earphones: SoundPEATS Bluetooth Headphones 

For both comfort and portability in your listening experience, you can never go wrong with a pair of earphones, especially the Bluetooth kind. Having a Bluetooth headset is great for any business owner as they offer the best inexpensive hands-free calling using short distance wireless radio waves. The example here is the SoundPEATS Bluetooth headphones, a pair of earphones that work wirelessly at a relatively low cost of $40 or less. Plus, Bluetooth headsets will never lose reception as they work on spread-spectrum frequency hopping, meaning that Bluetooth works off of a series of radio waves instead of a digital wireless signal to stay connected. 

3) Phone Cases: Otterbox Brand 

Whether you are a long time iPhone fan or use Android phones above everything else, you have probably at least heard of Otterbox. Their products are perfect for smartphone protection, so much so that they are known as the number one brand for smartphone and mobile device protection. They are also very affordable, with support for multiple phone types including Google Pixel’s smartphones and the latest devices such as the iPhone 8. Additionally, many of their accessories give back to charity foundations such as Project Heart, a program that Otterbox helped to found, and Junior Achievement to help support rising young engineers.