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Smart Toast! The Latest Addition to Your Smart Kitchen.

Smart Toast! The Latest Addition to Your Smart Kitchen.

Many of us are beginning to believe that technology has an answer for everything. We have smartphones, smart food, smart kitchens, smart appliances and smart cars, and a whole lot more on the way. Well, is the world ready for smart toast?

Allow me to introduce you to Toasteroid, the world’s first smart toaster. Do you have problems waking up in the morning? Let Toasteroid help you by sending messages, images and weather news to family and friends while you gain consciousness!

They use microfilament-heating technology to evenly toast its bread. If that isn’t enough, (And don’t you think it should be?) Toasteroid still has one more function. It can even create regular, run-of-the-mill toast without using your phone if you just press the start button on the side.

Toasteroid is currently seeking support on Kickstarter and is hoping to earn $150,000 in crowdfunding. Kickstarter explains that Toasteroid users simply have to download its mobile app and connect your smartphone to your smart toaster. Toasteroid offers you a series of templates, or you can create your own image. Toasteroid can toast two slices of bread and can print images on toast.

According to Toasteroid’s website, users can imprint their local weather report on their toast with just a tap. And they can send secret messages to family and friends that can only be read on toast. Toasteroid claims to be innovative and gets a user’s creativity going first thing in the morning.

According to Electronic Hose, this device can help prepare your first cup of coffee. An induction heating compartment would boil water, and other units would have ground coffee, milk, and sugar available for a user’s particular preference. This item is believed to be available in the near future.

But any respectable smart kitchen needs to have you functioning as soon as you get up through dinnertime. Electronic House suggests that by 2018 we may see a robotic chef.

Your robochef will have your dinner done quickly, or by the time you get home. You just have to tap an app and choose your meal and preparation time. The commercial version of the robotic chef is expected to sell for around $67,100.

And you have to have a smart and stocked refrigerator to keep your smart devices operating. Technabob notes that there are smart refrigerators available today that can reorder groceries when you begin running out of food, and keep track of expiration dates.

Actually, Technabob notes that today’s smart kitchens let you turn the heat on your cooking foods on and off from your smartphone. Some phones let you view your food as it is cooking, and sends you alerts when the meal is finished. Ovens can even cook your food today by using sensor technology. Set your meal how you want it and have it your way.