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Six SEO Strategies for Small Business

If you’re a small business owner or even a marketer for the small business you work for, then search engine optimization is the key to producing an effective method of bringing in future customers. In order to do this, you’ll need to let search engines like Google or Bing know where you’re located and what products or services you offer. Utilizing SEO strategies such as local SEO can help a small business branch out products and services to more local-based surroundings. Below we have provided six highly effective SEO strategies geared toward small business.

1. Create a local business page: The first step before you delve into anything else is to establish a local business page for all the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. You will have to fill out and complete this page which includes the location of your business, the phone number, hours of operation and any other important info the customer generally inquires about.

2. Categorize and optimize your business page: From here you can thoroughly optimize your local business page with even more additional information and upload pictures of your business or company logos. Once you have all the details and photos necessary, you can categorize your profile in order for the page to be displayed sufficiently to customers searching for your services. Search engines generally grant the ability to have your business be displayed in anywhere from one to five different categories so you can be found appropriately.

3. Accurate business citations: Be sure to claim your listings once your listings are discovered by people, even if the listing wasn’t posted by you. This is something called a citation. In order to properly claim a citation, you must check that there isn’t a company in your area who might also happen to have the same name as your company. You will eventually have to verify that you are either the owner or in charge of the SEO strategies at your business by email, phone, or possibly traditional mail. There are even some services such as Localeze and Yext which assist you in citations so all postings of your business are accurate and complete.

4. Reviews of your business: Individuals who may happen to publish a review of your company from time to time can crucially effect how people view your business. More specifically on Google, these reviews can be easily seen by a mere click of your listing and can direct the opinion of the reader. Reviews are a quick and simple way for people to determine if they should pursue business with your company or not. To better promote using these reviews, you can add a function on your site which can send the individual to prompt where they can easily write a review which then can be published straight to Google.

5. Add a sufficient amount of photos: Just like we said back in optimizing your page, you should add a sufficient amount of photos to really make your page shine. Adding at least 10 photos to your page can potentially increase a customer’s interest in your business and pursue doing business with you. Your logo will work great as a start, but some actual photos of your building or even a photo of the front reception area (if you have one) can add a lot of welcoming flourish to your profile.

6. Optimize your site: Your profile on search engines is only a small glimpse of your website, but be sure that all content on your search engine profile is also on your actual website. It’s also helpful to include actual keywords and write about content, on perhaps a blog, to have everything come full circle. The more ways that you can connect with your customers, the better chance they might do business with you.