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Signs That You Need More IT Services

Signs That You Need More IT Services

There will be a point in every company’s life when expansion is necessary. It’s impossible to predict when that growth will happen, but more often than not, a company’s expansion will also mean that technology will be involved, which in turn means more IT maintenance. However, that doesn’t always have to be the case. Here’s how to tell if you’re going to need to hire a company that will grow with you.

  1. You do all your hiring and accounting in-house. Hiring both employees and business accountants can mean that you will need a lot of data management, a lot of network security, and a lot of regular maintenance. The larger the company, the more IT services you’ll need in order to keep your accountant’s computer system in working order. Losing employee data, or having a major information breach can wreak havoc on your company. Both data loss and information breaches can be prevented by good IT work.
  2. You run a telemarketing center. If you have a lot of phone reps taking orders, you can bet your bottom dollar that you’ll need an IT staff that can help you run a system that makes order taking efficient, secure, and easy to do.
  3. You have a company website as part of your marketing campaign. A bigger company means more attention to your site, which in turn means that you will need to prevent hackers from hurting it. A popular company site also means you will need SEO help, too.
  4. There was a PR kerfluffle in your recent past. No one likes having to admit that they have bad PR on the net. No one. Not politicians, not scientists, no one. Unfortunately, bad press happens to just about every company out there. When it happens to you, you have to work to remedy it. More often than not, the best route to go is to use a good IT or PR company that’s well-versed in online reputation management.
  5. Your company just got new technology. Any time that you get new technology or upgrade your current gear, you will likely need more regular IT maintenance. After all, you *do* want to keep your new gear working well, don’t you?
  6. Your company experienced a hack or information breach recently. This is not only about damage control. At this point, you will need to hire an IT crew to prevent it from happening again. Sites hit once are more likely to be attacked than those that haven’t been hit before.

While there are some companies that can stay on a majority paper-pen system, most companies today will need technology. When you need technology to run a business, you will need IT services of some sort. Otherwise, you’re putting yourself at risk for major loss. Don’t be that company that folds due to a bad computer system. Call us today.