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The Signs Your Business Needs a Tech Upgrade

The Signs Your Business Needs a Tech Upgrade

Each new year brings in a new batch of state-of-the-art computers, phones, gadgets, software, and hardware that can either seem like a trivial or mandatory upgrade for any consumer out there. An upgrade is always good to have but only if it benefits you in the long run. For businesses, depending on the service you provide, equipping yourself with the latest technology can save you time from dealing with backward-compatibility and lack of forward-thinking when it comes to needing certain software or features to get work done. That is why the nerds at TechStarters are here to help you figure out if it is time to get an upgrade for your business technology.

1) You Are at Least Five Years Out of Date:

There is a wise saying regarding developing a great business strategy, and that is to work smarter, not harder. While it may feel comfortable working with an excel spreadsheet to organize accounts or even work via an older operating system, it may be time to change what you have and improve it with up to date software and hardware to handle anything for any size business. Almost all businesses update their software yearly, and there are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to replacing old programs. For those of you that need a quality account management system, there is QuickBooks.

2) Your Business is Growing Rapidly:

If a small business is evolving into a larger company, that is a clear sign for a technology upgrade. New technology is required for improved productivity, simplifying work, and serving multiple jobs at once. For businesses who are adding new employees, programs such as Microsoft Office 365 allows for multiple users to work on a single project at once, viewing it, adding comments, and enabling collaboration online from anywhere. However, making the correct purchasing choices for your business should take priority above everything else. Acquire what is necessary for your business first and build from there. Obtaining brand new technology without having the proper knowledge or experience will be a waste.

3) Your Business is Heading in a New Direction:

Change can mean offering a brand-new service or a product that requires brand new technology to produce the best results. For instance, if a greeting card company decides to develop calendars then there is a need for a special type of printer that can print on a glossy card stock. As stated previously, integrating new technology to serve a specific purpose should fall in line with your buying choices. You will need to have yourself and your employees be prepared to learn how to work with new hardware or software, and that includes studying it before making a purchasing decision. Above all else, having the right IT guys for the job can ease the potential technical difficulties along the way, especially with the Managed IT services at TechStarters.