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Sharktivity: Shark Tracker Apps and More

Sharktivity: Shark Tracker Apps and More

Shark Week is coming up, which means its time for the latest trends in technology to keep an eye out for these famous predators. In many cases, just when you think that it’s safe to go into the water during your vacation, reports come in of a local beach being closed because of a shark sighting.

Actually, 2017 marked the 101st anniversary of a series of shark attacks along the Jersey shoreline, said to be the first shark attacks on swimmers in U. S. history. These encounters aren’t that frequent, but wouldn’t you like to have advance notice that a shark was near your beach? Leave it to technology once again. There are applications available that can help you track the whereabouts of a shark.

We’ve found three of them for you, including one from the East Coast that was just introduced this year. Shark activity has been increasing in New England every year, so the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy of Massachusetts has rolled out a free iPhone app known as Sharktivity.

According to Digital Trends, Sharktivity sends out real-time alerts anytime a shark has been spotted in coastal waters, allowing you to decide for yourself how close is too close. The app also lets users report shark sightings of their own and share the information with others on the beach. And Sharktivity lets a user track the locations of tagged sharks. Shark movement can reportedly be monitored from Canada to Florida.

In North Carolina, they’re taking a different direction to help with shark sightings: skyward. The University of North Carolina and Duke University researchers are testing out drones to alert swimmers of sharks. According to Mashable, the researchers said the East Coast waters are murky, and it would be challenging for a drone to locate a shark. Mounting infrared cameras on the drones may enter the conversation, the researchers said.

Another free app can provide you with all you need to know about sharks and shark incidents around the world. This app is called SharkBytes.

 SharkBytes contains a “Search Your Beach” button where users can research locations by country, area, or geographic location for any recorded history of shark bites or shark incidents. According to the SharkBytes website, the app features shark identification, education and pictures of over 200 species, notifications every time a shark incident takes place, and a blog about shark conservation.

The shark identification section has a massive database and is constantly being updated. SharkBytes is a non-profit organization. A portion of the money generated by the app will go to shark research and the conservation of sharks.

If you’re interested in tracking sharks, you can turn to, where you can find sites to track them off the coast of California(, in Western Australia(, or around the globe(

Anyway, during 2015, there were 98 unprovoked shark attacks, according to the International Shark Attack File, 59 of them in the U. S. Six deaths resulted from the attacks.

The numbers are not that strong, but an advance warning of potential problems will always make for a better vacation.