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SEO Patterns to Follow for 2018

SEO Patterns to Follow for 2018

It’s another year and a brand-new day for search engine optimization. At TechStarters, we pride on a well-defined SEO strategy for any online business and are always on top of the latest trends and changes in Google’s or Bing’s search algorithm. While it is still only a month into 2018, it is best to stay up on the key trends to ensure that your business is always on the top of the search results, whether locally or based on your name alone. Here are four key factoids of SEO to keep an eye on if you want to stay on top of search engine optimization.

1) Link Building is Still Important

The importance that link building presented two years ago is still relevant today, and it will not be changing anytime soon. Link building is the process of relationship building. By allowing websites to share links back to your business you can improve your credibility and your search results online. Building natural links requires having connections with news publications and by participating in events that promote businesses. Social media also can drive the same level of link building potential with the rise of dark social, a technique of sharing links through messenger and chat rooms. Still, it is about building a relationship with the people that need your business, and that connection can be built both online and offline.

2) Mobile-First

On November 4th, 2016, Google pushed forward with only promoting websites that can be viewed on mobile devices. Any business or website that was not viewable on mobile devices were not indexed by Google’s search algorithm. It is apparent now as of 2018 that more and more businesses are forced to change to fit this trend, but this comes with great benefits. The integration of mobile apps and the use of location tracking technology can help visitors find businesses easily, and being indexed by Google is a great step forward.

3) Voice Searching

With the popularity of Amazon Alexa and Google Voice, it is not impossible for people to search for anything with their voice. This same principle can also apply to smartphone users. According to Google, your voice is three times faster at asking search results versus typing it out, so if more visitors find businesses just by name recognition alone or by local listings, it’s critical to ensure that your business will stand out.

4) Developing Relevant Content

As always, content is king. No matter what, always updating your site with new products, pictures, and stories can bring in new visitors. Celebrating events and posting news related to your business can improve your search results. If it is relevant to what the site represents, then it will be valuable content in Google’s eyes.