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SEO: Branded vs. Non-Branded Searches

SEO: Branded vs. Non-Branded Searches

For any business of any size, utilizing Search Engine Optimization is a huge aspect of marketing. SEO helps a business gain website traffic and eventually business growth. Keywords are what helps a search engine know what your business does and helps you rank higher organically over time. There are many different types of searches that an individual can do when looking for a product of service. This blog will give you two examples of searches and what they mean.

Non-branded Searches

Non-Branded searches are relatively broader. These searches are not narrowed down to a business and their name. When an individual makes a non-branded search, they are not looking for a specific business or any brands. They are looking for any product or service that is near their area. The search results will give that individual a list of businesses that offer the product and services they desire. It is important to have a local SEO strategy for non-branded keywords. This will help create brand awareness and an online presence as well. A business can see who is going to their website and can gain an understanding of their demographic.

Branded Searches

Branded searches are much more narrowed down and specific compared to non-branded searches. An individual already knows which products or services they want and who to get their desired needs from. When typing in a specific business or brand, many of the search results will provide links to that business’ website. Therefore, this creates more brand awareness and online presence.


Search Engine Optimization is a huge aspect of digital marketing and having an online presence. Non-Branded searches are very broad and show results for many different businesses that provide the product or service an individual desires. A branded search is more specific and the individual that is searching for the product or service knows which business to look for. Both types of searches are important for any size business. Here at #TechStarters, we offer SEO for your business to help your web presence and growth. Call a nerd today to get started!