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Salesforce Takes Customer Relations to the Cloud

Salesforce Takes Customer Relations to the Cloud

The proper Customer Relations Management, or CRM, can provide the best series of solutions that will automate your business and maximize the company’s productivity. But in recent years, business applications have been steadily moving away from traditional software to the Internet.

How can you, the up and coming business, take advantage of that new movement? Well, one of the industry leaders in business CRMs is Salesforce. Salesforce, headquartered in San Francisco, deals with cloud computing. The company founded in 1999 saw that operating the usual business applications required an incredible amount of time, effort, and money.

Cloud computing allows businesses to improve efficiency and save time by accessing applications through the Internet with Software As A Service, or SaaS. In the Salesforce App Cloud, businesses can improve their customer experience by building better mobile apps that integrate information and automate regular daily activity.

Salesforce, as a real-time, multi-tenant operation, offers platform and app services for your new cloud-based business plan. Sales Cloud plans give a business the background to achieve maximum sales results at a quicker rate. Your choice of Salesforce business plans can build specific Sales Cloud apps faster, provide administrative services, update your Sales Cloud, and resolve problems quickly.

Service Cloud provides support solutions for your customer’s technical issues. Salesforce says critical issues will receive an initial response in less than an hour.
And experts from Marketing Cloud will help your business with strategies, advice, and personalized recommendations to increase your return on investment.

As far as apps, develops custom applications. It is a platform that creates applications that integrate into the main application. Heroku, founded in 2007, builds social and mobile applications. It is a cloud app platform that builds and deploys applications, allowing developers more time to increase productivity.

The AppExchange Marketplace is the place to go for your business application needs. The apps are customized for Salesforce, and extend the company’s reach to all industries. It has over 3,300,000 installs, and will be where you find the best apps to grow your company.

So we recommend that your business join the movement to the cloud. The force. You can spend some of the extra time that you save watching your profit margins head that much higher.