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QuickBooks Improved Point of Sale System for Salons and Grocers

QuickBooks Improved Point of Sale System for Salons and Grocers

The latest update of QuickBooks Point of Sale system has hit retail stores and restaurants. Released in May 2015 and powered by Revel Systems, it has helped consumers of these businesses stay up-to-date on their payment technologies. Revel Systems latest solution is to provide Quickbooks POS Solutions on iPads for salons and grocery stores.

This new program comes after an increased demand by salons and grocery stores to be able to stay competitive by using the newest technology to its full potential. Through their day-to-day endeavors, these companies have found many ways in which this new Quickbooks iPad POS Solutions could greatly assist them.

According to Accounting Today, leading provider of online business news for the tax and accounting community, included in the ways this new solution will improve business for salons is that it will now offer new features for appointment scheduling, add-on services and products, employee management and assignments. As for grocery stores, the new features will include integrated scales and price-embedded barcode labels.

“QuickBooks Point of Sale for Salon and Grocery not only address the unique needs of small businesses in important verticals but also ensure they never lose a sale and have all the industry-specific tools they need to thrive,” stated Karen Peacock, senior vice president of small business at Intuit, to Accounting Today. “By integrating with QuickBooks Online, these new iPad POS solutions allow salon and grocery store owners to focus on running their business, rather than worrying about their books, with automatic data transfers and instant insights.”

If the salon or grocery system solution is as successful as the retail and restaurant solution, consumers will be greatly satisfied with its unique ability to sync with QuickBooks. By offering a new level of integration with QuickBooks Payments and QuickBooks Online, small business establishments will see increased ease and success in their daily operations and transactions.

According to a press release from Intuit, an American enterprise software company that develops financial and tax preparation software and related services for small businesses, accountants, and individuals, restaurant owners and managers now have real-time insight into ingredient inventory, a new feature custom-built for the restaurant-tailored solution. They can do this with maximum flexibility and maintain customer relationships anytime, anywhere. This is one example of how the new solution is being utilized in the business realm.

“Restaurant and foodservice owners are increasingly looking to apply technology to modernize and differentiate their establishments,” said Eric Dunn, Intuit’s senior vice president for payments and commerce solutions, in the Intuit press release. “This helps them provide faster and more efficient service, streamline operations and ultimately grow their businesses. Together we’re giving food service businesses confidence that they can deliver a great diner experience, while also having an up-to-date, accurate picture of their books and cash flow, without manual data entry.”