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Pineapple Wi-Fi: A Cyber Security Threat

Pineapple Wi-Fi: A Cyber Security Threat

If you have been in the city, a restaurant, or any area with large amounts of people in one area, you may have noticed some free Wi-Fi spots. It might seem tempting to just connect to any open Wi-Fi spot, but if you knew about Pineapple, then you’d want to reconsider from now on. 

The Wi-Fi Pineapple is a hacking device that, on the surface, acts a free wireless access point for people to link to from their phone or computer. It was originally made to assist in testing online security for businesses, as a form of white hat hacking to help improve security and check for flaws. Wi-Fi hacking has become incredibly popular and as a result, devices like Pineapple are employed to help solve security flaws for numerous companies. 

So that’s good, right? We have a device that helps point out security flaws, so what is the problem? Well if we consider the fact that almost anyone can get access to this device online at the cheap price of only one hundred dollars, then yes this is a very big problem. 

Inside the Pineapple is a software called PineAP, the source of the wireless penetration tools that allow the device to track any other device that links to the Wi-Fi router. This means that your searches and app usages on your phone or computer can be tracked by the Pineapple device. In the hands of any shady individuals, that leaves you open to someone recording sensitive information for anyone to steal, and we mean anyone. You don’t need to be an expert to use the Pineapple. This can be frightening for any unexpected victims, including business owners. 

All fears aside, what can you do to prevent this sort of thing from happening to you or your business? The best option for you is to completely prevent this sort of thing from happening altogether. Avoid using Wi-Fi outside of your work environment and only use secure Wi-Fi spots whenever you wish to work outside of your home or your office.