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Personal Digital Assistant Tips and Tricks

Personal Digital Assistant Tips and Tricks

The rise in popularity of personal digital assistants such as Amazon Alexa, Apple’s Siri, and the Google Smart Assistant has brought in a new wave of products and applications to use on a daily business. Whether it is to let your device remind you about an important business event on Tuesday or even keep you up to date on the latest news reports, personalized digital assistants can save you time and money when you have a busy schedule to keep. In a business setting, including the option to automate your scheduling through words alone can save you time when managing your time. Here are our tips and tricks to help you personalize your digital assistant.

First and foremost, you can access your own personal assistant from plenty of different devices, such as the Amazon Echo, Google Home, or from your smartphone. Having the opportunity to have a personal assistant right from your phone can make your life easier.

1.) Match Your Voice:

Most personal assistants will respond to their users’ voice when asked a question about the news. It adds a layer of security as well as it helps users who suffer from speech impediments or dyslexia that need assistance. Most importantly a digital assistant can improve its learning capabilities simply through consistent use, meaning your digital assistant will be able to memorize questions, remember your schedule, and will know what you like simply from what you ask.

2.) Connected to your phone

Google Assistant, for example, can connect to your contact list on your phone, allowing you to ask Google to call a friend or co-worker. In some cases, it can benefit in emergency situations when you are unable to reach your phone but need to call for services. You can even link it to your text messenger and read off any missed texts or conversations while on the road or away from your phone.

3.) Check your Calendar and Update your To-do List

One of the most common things that all assistant software can do is provide you updates on request. Simply asking “what’s new” is one thing, but most assistants can learn from your daily routine and remind you about specific events, such as what time to go to work and if there is traffic on the way. This is because assistants like Alexa are connected to the internet and directly to your phone.

As a food for thought, remember that as of 2018, all personal assistants are growing smarter and faster to fit current technology trends. By owning one of these assistant’s, your business can have that little extra help that can go a very long way in maximizing efficiency.