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‘Cleaning Up’ Antivirus Purchasing

In a world where having your computer system hacked is as ordinary as the common cold, tech-users have found it increasingly important to acquire some type of antivirus protection. These programs are designed to prevent, detect and remove all malicious computer viruses and software, keeping your system secure. However, what happens when your antivirus company … Read more‘Cleaning Up’ Antivirus Purchasing

5 Ways to Optimize Your Cloud Computing Service

  Despite much uncertainty about what exactly the ever-popular “cloud” is, there’s no doubt that it’s among the hottest topics in the tech world. In a nutshell, this network of servers can be used to optimize data security and to spread data-processing responsibilities across these servers. While the concept may seem straightforward, there’s really no … Read more5 Ways to Optimize Your Cloud Computing Service

The Importance Of SSL Certification And Security

Most site owners don’t really know much about network security or even keeping their website safe from hackers. They usually assume that a minimal amount of protection is all that’s needed to keep the bad guys at bay. While many sites may squeak by with a small amount maintenance, e-commerce sites such as online stores … Read moreThe Importance Of SSL Certification And Security

Unplugged: Is Facebook Dying Down?

It’s been rumored to happen over and over again since the early beginnings of the decade. Every once in a while, people hear rumors of a mass exodus of Facebook for one reason or another. At times, they say that it’s a reaction to the impending pay-for-play of the social media platform. Other times, it’s … Read moreUnplugged: Is Facebook Dying Down?