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Pineapple Wi-Fi: A Cyber Security Threat


If you have been in the city, a restaurant, or any area with large amounts of people in one area, you may have noticed some free Wi-Fi spots. It might seem tempting to just connect to any open Wi-Fi spot, but if you knew about Pineapple, then you’d want to reconsider from now on.  The Wi-Fi Pineapple is a hacking device that, on … Read more…

Gamification for Business: Redefining Productivity


Even with all the advancements developers made in technology for business, being unproductive is a problem for some people, especially if there are deadlines involved. Whether you enjoy getting work done or not, sometimes it can be hard to be productive in the workplace, and that can lead to serious problems. However, instead … Read more…

Managed IT and What It Means for Your Business


When it comes to a business that uses the latest technology in their offices, nothing is more important than having an IT service professional to keep your equipment from falling apart. An information technology (IT) professional is crucial for any business that implements the latest hardware and software into their … Read more…