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The Power of Social Media – How it Improves Small Businesses

The other day while researching statistics on social media, I stumbled across an interesting article. It was an educational site with an article titled, “Everyday English: Social media and the internet”. The website talks about how we use the verb ‘connect’ when we use the internet. While the lesson talks about how the word connect … Read moreThe Power of Social Media – How it Improves Small Businesses

The Importance of Business Technology

Today in 2018, everywhere we look, we see technology. We see it in our cars, phones, tablets, computers, and more. As individuals, we know we have taken advantage and benefited from technology to make our lives easier. But what about businesses? How do they use technology? Businesses have used technology throughout the years to become … Read moreThe Importance of Business Technology

Rebranding: How It Can Improve Your Business

Your brand is the visual representation of who your business is and what you do. For any business looking to promote themselves online, they should know that the visual identity is the most important aspect. Rebranding is a strategy in which the image of a company is changed. This may include your name, logo, tagline, … Read moreRebranding: How It Can Improve Your Business