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The Importance of Organic Searches in SEO

Today in 2018, we search the web for content or answers that we desire every day. Most of the time, the most relevant websites show up on the first page. We are usually able to find our desires on the links provided. There is a reason as to why we’re able to see what we need on that first page. It is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This article discusses the importance of organic searches when improving SEO.

SEO is all based on statistics. An easy way to view these statistics is on Google Analytics. An individual can see how much traffic that comes into their website and see how they search for their webpages. One way we search for websites is organically. This means that if a website does not pay to be at the top of a search on Google, Bing, or other search engines, we scroll down to find those webpages that fit our needs. But what is the best way to gain more organic traffic? The answer is simple, keywords! Keywords are useful if you put the right words down for your websites. If an individual is looking for one of #TechStarters‘ products and services for web design, they type in that keyword set, and a link to that specific service pops up.

There are some ways that organic searches are better than paid searches. This is because most websites that pay to be at the top of the search only show their home pages. For example, if you search for Facebook on Google, the first link that pops up is Facebook’s homepage. If you search for something organically, a link will lead you directly to what you need. But how are we able to create more traffic with organic searches if a company cannot pay to have their webpage right at the top?

Unfortunately, the answer is not so simple, but it is doable. There are some tips and tricks to create more traffic, and one of them is to not blog as much. Blogging can be useful for SEO for a lot of reasons. One reason is that you are able to add more keywords. On the other hand, too many keywords can harm a website. To gain more traffic onto your website, it is good to constantly be creating content. Make sure that the content is up to par since a company always relies on a website for their reputation. A company’s website is usually a first impression on an individual, especially in the digital age we live in today.

Gaining more organic traffic is difficult, especially when competing with other companies. SEO relies on keywords in a search but using only keywords that can pertain to a broad range of websites makes it more difficult. There are lots of keywords that companies use that are extremely competitive. A solution to this issue would be to use keywords that are conversational. This guide created by Google breaks down all the basics of SEO as well as the best practices for using keywords.

As stated before, voice searching is becoming more popular in today’s digital age than it ever has been. Voice searching started becoming popular in 2014 and it is deemed easier than typing. Unfortunately, Google has recently ceased their voice search option. Voice searching is more beneficial because of how we talk. Using more conversational words when setting up keywords will benefit you in gaining more organic searches. When someone is voice searching, they will talk as if they are talking to a friend or family member. With newer virtual assistance on the market such as Amazon Alexa, and Google Home, using conversational words to gain organic traffic is even more effective.

With all of this in mind, SEO is important for any company that wants their link to be on a search engine. Gaining more organic traffic is tricky and very competitive. Too many blog posts can harm a company’s reputation. Making content that is appealing will create a good reputation. Using keywords that are more conversational creates more organic traffic and benefits your company.