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Top 3 Best Tools in Office 365 to Improve Your Productivity

So, you just got Office 365 for business to help improve office work for your employees and for yourself. Depending on the work that needs to get done or the service you provide, you want to be able to use Office 365 as efficiently as possible and without any confusion. The good news is, there are several different features integrated into Office 365 that can help improve your office productivity. Even now, Microsoft is revolutionizing their software to help expand the hardware and software sides of their cloud server technology.

Here are three tools for Office 365 that you can use to help make work ten times easier:

1) OneDrive

One of the best features in Office 365 is OneDrive, a program that can share and save important documents as Microsofts very own online cloud storage between users. For businesses, it allows your employees to gain access to important files easily and under a shared space thanks to the Microsoft Cloud Server. It works on all desktops and even mobile devices, as well as on Mac and PC. Thanks to Office 365, you can also implement different security measures to protect your projects and files.

2) CoAuthoring

One of the key features of Office 365 is the ability to connect multiple users easily on one secure network. Consider how much time is wasted to email a co-worker a document for editing, to wait for the end result, then to get it back only to possibly change different aspects of the document. The good news is that with Office 365’s CoAuthoring system, you can not only edit documents, excel sheets, or presentations, but other members of your team can also make changes seamlessly from anywhere. This will help ensure that the project pipeline moves quicker while all project team members are aware of any big changes.

3) Clutter

Dealing with hundreds of emails cluttering your inbox can be tiring. Thankfully Clutter, as part of Office 365’s version of Outlook, can simplify any spam or unnecessary emails that get sent to your business inbox by marking similar emails under clutter. From there, Outlook will automatically filter those specific emails as low priority and they will be marked as spam.

With these three tools, along with Office 365, your business will get the job done sooner rather than later.