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The Next Big Thing. Maybe.

The Next Big Thing. Maybe.

Do you ever wonder what’s going to be the next big thing? Maybe you think Twitter’s 140 character tweets are too many, and you want to get your message out in say, six words. How does “Say it in Six” sound as the next big social network?

A whole lot of people across the country must think they have an idea of how to hit it big because more startups are out there than ever before. And they’re getting funding.

Crowdfunding sites have become a pretty big deal in recent years. Kickstarter has now successfully funded over 100,000 projects, and virtual reality company Oculus Rift got more than $2 million from the site to fund their technology.

Plenty of ideas are out there, and the number of people attempting to start businesses of some sort is growing at a rapid pace. A lot of people have their own ideas of what the world needs as the next big thing.

Mark Suster of Upfront Ventures told that virtual reality would have a massive impact on society. “How we organize ourselves, how we communicate, even modes of transportation,” Suster said. “I think virtual reality is going to impact things more than any of us can predict.”

Along with virtual reality, companies have been investing billions into augmented reality, according to a report by Goldman Sachs. CBS News notes that augmented reality differs from virtual reality because it includes digital information over the top of the virtual experience.

Goldman Sachs notes that augmented reality has applications for real estate, engineering, education and health care. A health care app known as AccuVein helps medical people locate veins in patients’ arms where they can draw blood.

Elsewhere, you have your personal assistants, and now more people are adding built-in digital assistants or chatbots. Chatbots can basically plan out your daily schedule for you.

According to Tech Insider, chatbots give a user the ability to access business services while they are on chat platforms like Facebook Messenger. The interaction between the business and the user should become quicker and easier because of the convenience of the chat platform. The ease in which the conversation takes place is leading more businesses to create their own chatbots.

You may have heard about chatbots or both kinds of reality, but are you ready for “hearables?” According to ReadWrite, some analysts believe hearables will be a $5 billion industry by 2018. The headsets would involve the advanced use of audio digital signal processing, microphones, sensors and a miniature smart battery.
But everybody complains about constantly charging their batteries. The next big thing for a lot of people would be a battery with a super extended life. The best battery life in current laptops seems to always fall short of what you need.

Well, no less than the man who invented the cell phone says that a company is working on wireless charging. According to CNN Money, Marty Cooper tells us that Energous Corporation is working on charging cell phones with radio frequencies. A special receiver on your wireless device will allow it to charge by taking radio waves right out of the air.

And if that isn’t enough, PC World reported that battery technology from Singapore reveals that battery technology in the works will have 20 times the charge of lithium-ion batteries and be much, much cheaper.

You never know which way the next big thing can go. Clearly, if you ask ten different people, you might get ten different opinions. And if you have any ideas about investing in the next big thing, make sure it’s not just a fad.

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