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New Cars, New Problems: The Issue of Automobile Breakdowns for New Cars.

New Cars, New Problems: The Issue of Automobile Breakdowns for New Cars.

Technology has allowed research to continue developing cars that can drive themselves. It turns out there might be a reason that the self-driving models will likely go into production before too many years pass.

Technology on standard new cars.

But according to a study in AAA, newer cars that are less than five years old break down more often than the older versions. AAA reports that they answered about 32 million calls for service during 2015. Want to know the reasons for the problems? Let’s start with:

1.) Keyless locking systems
It’s nice to be able to start the car from your living room, but it turns out that doing this too often can drain the car’s battery, or even lock you out while the ignition is still running. AAA says they receive four million calls a year from drivers who are locked out of their cars.

2.) Estimated fuel remaining
Newer cars tell you how many miles you can get out of your remaining tank of gas. Today’s drivers are notified how far they can go but they push their luck anyway. You have to be absolutely certain as to where the next gas station is located when you try for an extra mile.

3.) No more spares
A lot of newer models are replacing their spare tires with a tire inflation kit. Yahoo Finance reports that 36% of 2015 cars come with an inflation kit or a run-flat tire. The kits can’t fix full blowouts so you may need a tow truck anyway without carrying a spare. But according to AAA, the kits replaced 29 million flat tires between 2006 and 2015.

4.) Summer vacation traveling
Most of the calls for roadside assistance came in the summer, according to AAA. Figures listed 8.3 million breakdowns for summer, 8.1 million for winter, 7.8 million for fall and 7.7 million for spring. Most breakdowns happened to drivers in the West, most occurring on Mondays.

5.) Too much tech for roadside
Some of the automobile breakdowns can’t be fixed on the spot by roadside assistance. The added technological elements of your vehicle may require it to be towed to a station where a mechanic can order parts.

But what does AAA suggest we do to prevent automobile problems? Well, we can start by:

1.) Monitoring the life of our batteries

They recommend that drivers get their batteries tested after the car hits three years old, and once a year after that. Members of AAA can receive free battery testing from AAA Mobile Battery Service.

2.) Consider adding a spare tire
If you’re not confident in a tire inflation kit or not sure how to use it, you might want to invest in your own spare tire. You might like those little donut tires a lot more than you thought.

3.) What about an emergency kit?
AAA believes drivers should always carry supplies in case of an emergency. This kit should include car chargers and battery cables, water and food for everyone in the car, a first-aid kit and a mobile phone.

4.) Give the vehicle regular standard service
You might want to get your car’s oil changed every 3,000 miles and see that your tires are rotated on a regular basis. And it wouldn’t hurt to keep them properly inflated.

You can also check your vehicle’s manual to see if it needs special care. Take care of your car and you won’t become a statistic.