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Nerd Hacks: Work Productivity Tips

Nerd Hacks is back to bring you more productivity tips to improve your work life.

Still having trouble getting the most out of your work day? Don’t worry. Here’s another 5 productivity hacks to make sure you’re getting more done. These simple tips work wonders to increase your productivity if you’re willing to give them a shot and stick with them. We all know how hard it can be to change a routine when you’re set in your ways.

  • Do the thing you’re putting off FIRST – We all know hard it is to get around to doing that one little thing. Procrastination takes hold, excuses creep in, and next thing you know it’s close to 5 and you’re scrambling to come up with something. Don’t do this! Instead, when you get into work, get cracking on that thing you’re dreading. That way you have no reason to get distracted by something else, and when you finish, you’ll feel that much better that it’s over with. Bask in the free time you have now that you aren’t filling it with distractions and excuses!
  • Use Trello to keep a list of projects and team tasks – Trello is a great service that lets your team post ideas and tasks to a shared board. This is incredibly handy for keeping a running tally of what things need to get done and for assigning due dates for impending projects. This way, everyone on your team is up to date on the latest tasks, and it lets everyone know when they are finished. It’s a great way to make sure your team members are accountable for the tasks they take on. No more excuses! Impress your team by getting tasks done quickly and marking them off to let everyone know just how productive you are.
  • Follow the 2-minute rule – This simple rule is guaranteed to increase your productivity in the office. Whenever a new task comes up, ask yourself if it can be finished in less than two minutes. If so, then do it right away instead of saving it for later. This way you aren’t bogged down later in the day with a bunch of small things filling your plate. The trick is to actually do them only if you know they can be done quickly. It’s amazing how productive you can be when you get the small stuff out of the way immediately.
  • Keep meetings short – How much time is wasted by lengthy, unorganized meetings? Come into a meeting knowing what needs to be discussed and set a time limit for yourself. That way, you’ll be forced to get everything done without rambling and wasting precious time. This gives you the certainty that meetings won’t run over time and lets you go back to doing other work quickly.
  • Don’t check your email first thing! – You know the drill. Show up at the office, sit down at your computer, and the first thing you do is check your email. This sets the tone for the day: requests from other people. Rather than coming in on your own terms, you have to respond to email and put out other fires instead of getting to what you planned to do that day. There goes your productivity. Instead of checking your email first thing, sit down and work on that big project you want to get done in peace. Set some time to work uninterrupted by the inbox, and watch your productivity skyrocket. Once you get that out of the way, then check your email…

We hope these tips help you gain some valuable time and keep you productive during your work day. With some discipline and dedication, you can watch your productivity soar to new heights and get more done. Be sure to catch up on our other Nerd Hacks including apps for a better work life, and our low tech productivity hacks. Let us know if our Nerd Hacks have worked for you!