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Nerd Hacks: 5 Apps to Improve Your Work Life

Attention Nerds! Here at Black Frames we’re debuting a new blog series called Nerd Hacks to round up the best in tech, lifestyle and productivity hacks to make your life and business better. Be sure to let us know in the comments what else you want to see hacked for future articles!

Nerd Hacks: 5 Apps to Improve Your Work Life

Getting the most out of your employees is exactly what every business owner should be concerned about. Unfortunately (depending on who you ask), we live in the Golden Age for slackers and time wasters alike. It’s never been easier to get distracted by a website, app, cat pictures or your social media accounts. Luckily for business owners and employees, there are some pretty crafty nerds out there who have found ways to keep procrastination and distractions at bay. We picked out some of our favorites to help you out!

  • Cold Turkey – This desktop app for Mac and Windows works well for those who aimlessly surf the web a little too much while at work. Just download the app and type in the sites you know you shouldn’t visit while working on that big project. Enter your work schedule or other specific hours when you don’t want to be distracted and Cold Turkey blocks access to those websites during that time. By doing so it forces you to quit your distracted surfing cold turkey and get back to some real work.
  • RescueTime – This slick program tracks your productivity by monitoring the websites and programs you use every day. At the end of the day it lets you know where and how you spent your time on the computer at work. Based on a detailed report of your activities, you have all the information needed to make yourself more productive and change your habits. What’s not to love? No more asking, “Where’d the day go?” Now you know for sure.
  • Focus@will – If you’re looking for an app that’s downright nerdy in the best possible way, focus@will is going to be at the top of your list with a bullet. With all the scientific prowess of the engineers of the Starship Enterprise, focus@will combines the science of neurology with music to create soundtracks that promote focus and attention. Everyone listens to music at work, but what if that catchy song is actually distracting you? By listening to certain scientifically tested songs, focus@will promises to make you more productive and up your levels of concentration. It’s science!
  • Hootsuite – It’s hard to get more work done when you have to spend a full day updating your Twitter, Facebook, and email campaigns one by one. Luckily, there’s Hootsuite, which allows you to take care of everything with just the click of a mouse all in one convenient place. It also allows you to monitor social engagement activity across your accounts, and even track specific hashtags and keywords. So spend less time dealing with your social media accounts and focus on other things!
  • Evernote – This productivity classic is known for being able to capture and record everything you need without the hassle. Perfect for quick notes or in depth research, this app lets you keep everything in one place for easy access. No more scattered post-it notes to clutter your desk!

The bottom line is that the internet and mobile apps can be your company’s best friend instead of a time sink. All you need to do is pick the best apps to curb your bad behavior and promote productivity among staff or yourself. So try these out and work smarter, better and more efficiently. Have experience with these apps? Let us know what you think of them!