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5 Apple Myths Busted

5 Apple Myths Busted

For far too long, we’ve been programed to think that many assertions about Apple products are true, such as “Macs don’t get viruses” or that “Apple products aren’t overpriced”. Tales have been told and retold to us so many times that we’ve come to accept them as facts. Here at TechStarters, we want to separate the facts from fiction and put these stories to rest once and for all.

Apple Infographic

Here are 5 Apple Myths Busted, TechStarters edition:

  1. Macs don’t get viruses. Like the Batmobile, we all wished that this myth was real. However, just like PCs, Macs do get viruses. In fact, there are viruses and malware out there that attacks the Apple’s iOS specifically. The reason why this myth is so popular is because the PC market is much larger and more accessible. Apple’s iOS only entails about 5% of the market share, while Windows’ OS makes up for over 90%. Malware developers tend to target Windows-based machines because there are a lot more of them. Nevertheless, Mac users shouldn’t be complacent, use the anti-virus software available to keep your system clean.
    Mac Trojan Virus
  2. The Apple logo is a tribute to Alan Turing. Anyone who has seen “The Imitation Game” knows about Alan Turing and his contributions to modern-day computer. Turing committed suicide in 1954 by eating a poison apple and rumors began to swirl, linking the bite in Apple’s logo as a tribute to the deceased computer scientist. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the case. Rob Janoff, the man who came up with the apple design, admitted in an interview in 2009 that the bite was there for scale so that a small Apple logo still looks like an apple and not a cherry.
    Alan Turing - Apple
  3. More people use Macs than PCs. As stated earlier, Microsoft Windows OS takes up 90% of the desktop and laptop market. This fact alone debunks this myth dead in its tracks.
    Operating System Market Share

    However, it’s not the full story. In terms of mobile devices such as tablets and phones, Apple’s iOS has managed to gain the lion’s share of users when compared to Windows. Most tablets are iPads, while most phones are Android-based. Windows phones only make 2% of all smartphones.

  4. Macs and Windows are incompatible. You might’ve seen the famous “Mac vs. PC” commercials that were running on every television screen a couple years back.
    Mac vs. PC

    These ads were so successful that it caused further rifts between supporters for Apple and Microsoft. With so much competition between the two brands, it was hard for us to believe that these machines would be compatible. While it’s true that Macs and Windows run on different operating systems, they are both able to support many similar applications. Many mainstream applications run on both operating systems, such as Microsoft Office and Adobe Photoshop. Mac iOS can even run Windows OS using a program called “Boot Camp”.

  5. Apple isn’t overpriced. This is more of a subjective statement, but you would have to agree that Apple products aren’t cheap. If anyone you know tries to debate that, just compare Apple’s price to a similar device with the same specs and let the numbers do the talking. However, there is a misconception that Apple’s products are too overpriced, which is also debatable. Apple products are sleek and built as a premium with high-end specs. Not to mention you are also receiving Apple’s unique operating system experience that’s only available for its products.
    MacBook Pro 13 - Price Comparison

Apple is a wonderful company; their products are high quality with a very unique and user-friendly operating system. However, with Apple having such a huge presence in the computer and mobile device industry, there are bound to be fictitious rumors about the company and its products. Apple myths aren’t the only thing we’ve debunked so far; there are also common tech myths that you probably didn’t know about!

Did you find this blog interesting? what other myths have you heard about? Please comment and let let us know!