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Microsoft Dynamics ERP: Making the Switch

Microsoft Dynamics ERP: Making the Switch

Is it time for your business to make the transfer to Microsoft’s line of Dynamic ERP products? If so, there are at least a few key bullet-points you should address for your business before investing in these management services.

Be aware that there are actually five different products that compile the Microsoft line of Dynamics. They are Microsoft Dynamics AX, GP, NAV, SL, and C5. Microsoft Dynamics AX, GP, and NAV are Microsoft’s enterprise resource planning solutions for small to mid-size businesses abroad. Microsoft Dynamics SL is geared towards project-driven companies to obtain analysis and reporting. Microsoft Dynamics C5 is geared towards company finance, manufacturing, and also supply chains. This product is also more in-tune with the small to medium-sized organization. These five products compile a robust covering for all your aspects of business.

Which of these services will best suit your needs, depends on the focus your business requires to grow smoothly as well as significantly.

Of course, the size of your organization will determine these factors. Take Dynamic AX, GP, or NAV for example. These three ERP services are best suited for small businesses, which today is about 50 employees or less. Medium-sized businesses also benefit from the features in these three products. These services, such as NAV, are constantly being updated with a variety of extensions implemented by partners. GP is focused on businesses outgrowing the entry-level accounting and the need for a full-featured ERP solution that is simple to utilize. GP can offer enhanced personalized features and dashboards with many options as well as workflow capabilities to simplify procedures.

Microsoft Dynamics SL is ideal for those project-driven midsize companies who thrive on managing people and projects. Its services offer solutions for professional service, operations, field services, and construction management companies. Microsoft Dynamics C5, on the other hand, provides more so focus on the financial aspects of businesses. Along with financial, C5 is supplemented especially for manufacturing, supply chains, and e-commerce for the smaller end businesses and enterprises.

Which ever Dynamics software you feel is a right fit for your company, all of Microsoft’s Dynamics products will enhance your companies abilities to exceed beyond expectations.