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Managing Your Password Security

Managing Your Password Security

Between email, cloud services, social media, and more, passwords are important when it comes to account security for your business. They are the first line of security from hackers with malicious intent. Most websites will alert us when the passwords we create are weak, making the account easier to hack. Generally, a password should be eight to twelve characters long and include at least one number, uppercase and a special symbol like a dollar sign or exclamation point. But with so many accounts to keep track of, how can anyone remember them all, let alone keep them secure? This article will go over some methods to help you remember and secure your password data.


The Old-Fashioned Way

While they may maintain dozens of online accounts, some prefer a non-technological approach to keeping track of their passwords. Some choose to simply write them down. These are the ones you might see with a sea of yellow post-its stuck to the monitor or desk. Or perhaps they have a password book. Many office supply stores sell them; and of course, Amazon also provides them. At this rate, they know for sure their passwords are safe and all in one place. However, unless they keep numerous copies, or carry their trust book everywhere they go, the password notebook is not accessible anytime, anywhere. The book method also runs the risk of ruination, whether by being dropped, soiled, or possibly incinerated. For those of you who cannot keep track of paperwork very well, password managing software might be a better option.


The New-Fashioned Way

If you don’t like the idea of carrying around a book of passwords that are most likely to change every one to three months, perhaps an online solution is best for you. There are many websites and applications that offer this kind of service. Applications like Dashlane allows you to save your passwords to a secure database. When you need to login to an account, copy and paste the password you need into the proper field. Dashlane also has a browser widget that will auto-fill your username and password when it recognizes the website. The application, however, does have a few cons. For one, if you’d like to have your passwords sync across multiple devices, for example, your laptop, desktop, and cellphone, you are required to pay for a premium account after the short trial period.

Of course, there are other online options besides Dashlane for you to use to manage all your business accounts, but why sort through all your options when #TechStarters can help! We’re here to help you keep all your accounts safe.