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What Kind of Online Content Fits Your Business?

What Kind of Online Content Fits Your Business?

From adding details on your website, to reviewing a product or service to sharing a news article on Facebook, any business can benefit from having online content. At TechStarters, we believe that content is king, whether it is developing great content for your website or posting weekly articles that reflect your business’s value in the market. More importantly, as a business owner, having a steady stream of online content can bring in new customers and improve a business’s reputation with other businesses as well. However, when it comes to developing great content, it is important to have the right kind of content that is aimed at the right kind of audience.

The general focus on creating content online is to have it not only reflect what the business is about but also to post original content as well. An original article can carry major weight over an unoriginal post since as Google has pointed out in the past, unoriginal or pointless content will hurt your websites ranking in search-ability. To create original content, you will need a plan of action and a team dedicated to posting daily content for your business. Here are a few key ideas to consider when creating content that reflects your business:

1. Focus on Your Audience

When approaching your audience with digital content, two key questions that one should ask is: will people view this and is this piece of content reflective of the business it represents. The audience should be just as important for a business owner as a customer is coming into your store, overall a business should do their best to provide a great service through their online content.

2. Write, Design, and Video

In developing content to fit your business, you should reflect on how that content is presented. On Facebook, images and videos are more than likely to capture a viewer’s attention rather than written content. An article by fast company details how visual content will always get more views overall. If you are looking for a creative way to present worded content, the best visual product for your business to share would be an infographic. As stated in the name, not only are infographics informative, but they contain the same level of eye-catching visuals that can attract your audience, all while informing them of your products and services.

3. Platforms to Share Your Content

Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram, and LinkedIn are just a few of the social media platforms that can help promote your content. Going one step further can be to develop content to be presented directly from your website, such as a blog post, and then share your content on social media. From there, you will attract more visitors to your business website, while sharing your own content.