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How Voice Assistants Can Affect Search Engine Optimization

How Voice Assistants Can Affect Search Engine Optimization

If it is not apparent now more than ever, voice recognition software has reached such a height of popularity that it has become part of everyday life. It impacts how we entertain ourselves and most importantly, it assists users with finding a new restaurant or IT business. Additionally, Google has stated themselves that anyone who uses Google Voice is bound to have three times as fast of a search result than typing it in. What is important is how voice assistants affect the state of search engine optimization for businesses everywhere.

The first thing to understand about voice assistants is not how they help search engines but how they change search engines. The way we type compared to what we say is completely different due to how people phrase their sentences, which results in a more organic searching method. Meanwhile, conducting a search via keyboard requires adding keywords to find specific answers which add a more technical aspect to searching online. Comparing both methods, each has a different effect regarding how SEO views keywords, and as a result, the way we search for anything online has changed.

When conducting optimization for any business, consider what visitors will be searching for when they ask Google or Alexa a question. For example, if a business happens to offer a service for repairing lawn mowers, then their website should be optimized for the question, “Where can I find a place to repair my lawn mower?”. Questions fall under long-tail keywords, a type of keyword search that focuses on specific information and often consists of more than four words or even a single sentence.

Overall, voice assistants change the way anyone can search online, from simply what questions are asked and how personal assistants respond to the top results. If any business considers building a core strategy to improve the searchability of their website, then they will need a team of qualified IT professionals to help build SEO plan to fit their business. Thankfully, the nerds at TechStarters have your back to keep your website on track.