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How to Have a Safe Website for Your Customers

It is the holiday season and with that comes sales and lots of them. It’s the perfect time to get more web traffic to your site with a big holiday and Cyber Monday sale. Consequently with all the potential traffic comes plenty of potential risks. Hackers and scammers have a plethora of choices of people to target. You want to keep your customers safe and make them feel safe using your website, but how?

SSL Certification

SSL Certificates stand for Secure Sockets Layer. They are small data files that bind a cryptographic key to a website’s details. Typically, SSL is used to secure credit card transactions, data transfer, and logins.

What Does an SSL do to keep my website safe?

What all this actually means is when you have an SSL Cert. you get a secure connection between your customer, your website, and your servers. Whatever information is transferred back and forth is encrypted. As a result, if someone intercepts the information being sent all they get is an uncrackable code, even for a computer.

How do I know if you have one?

An SSL certification is what makes the difference between an HTTP website and an HTTPS website. Also, your customers get a padlock icon in front of your URL depending on what browser they are using. As a result, this not only helps with SEO (search engine optimization) but it goes a long way with making your customers feel safe.

Google’s Algorithm to promoting safe websites

Google is always trying to make the algorithm for its SEO better and better. They first started cutting out sites that use too many of the same tags and keywords. Then a few years ago they started cracking down on sites that do not have an SSL Certificate. As a result, it’s basically a necessity for a site to have one now if you want good SEO. Similarly, Google is now going after slow loading sites. Google will now show a screen telling the user if the site normally takes a long time to load. Lots of things can be contributed to a slow website, and we at #TechStarters will go over that in a future post.

Making your website feel safe

While having an SSL cert. helps a lot with making your site feel safe. It’s not the only thing you can do. The design of the website is important for making customers feel that what they are purchasing is legit. Most noteworthy, how many adds are on your website, or the right color and spacing ratio that can make your website feel legit and safe, we talk about this more here.

There are many “Performance”, “Best Practices” and “Accessibility” checkmarks that help your site run smoother for your customers. The smoother a website runs the safer it feels. Some of the checks are easier to implement or to understand. Like using the right type of photo file, or having short links. Some are a bit more technical like avoiding deprecated API’s, or avoiding certain coding techniques. All of these things add their own benefits outside of just making your website feel and be safe, it’s like killing two birds with one stone, and then selling the birds for a profit.

How do you do all this?

Here at #TechStarters, we have plenty of nerds to help with keeping your website safe and making it look and feel that way. Not only just with an SSL cert. and web design but with also firewalls and managed IT just in case it’s already too late.