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How to Attract Investors Using Social Media

How to Attract Investors Using Social Media

When trying to get your startup off the ground it’s important to have investors who want to see you succeed. Here are tips on how to make a good impression.

Business owners love seeing people who want to invest in their company, and at times, they may even need an investor in order to grow or expand their business. While most business owners might think of their online reputation and marketing campaigns as just bait for more sales, the truth of the matter is that their online presence can be a good building block to getting investors. If you want to get investors interested through your online endeavors, make sure to do these 4 things.

  • Have an absolutely awesome online presence. You will need an active (and professional) social media campaign, as well as a very solid website. Make sure your site looks sharp, stays professional, and also shows your best side. Lastly, make sure that other peoples’ posts regarding your company are as positive as possible. All of these little elements show investors that you are a legitimate company, that you mean business, and that you have a great product or service to offer.
  • If you don’t already, put together a solid business plan in writing. The more detail, the better. Business plans are one of the key things that investors will look at before they plunk money down. Have it prepared, because you will end up showing it to investors.
  • Sign up for angel investor networking sites. There are sites that are specifically made to link up businesses that are looking for investors with investors who want to see a business blossom. Sign up for them, and start mingling!
  • Keep active on social media, and always make an effort to network with online groups. Finding the right investor is all about reaching out, having a good image, and knowing how to network. Keeping active on social media is a paramount factor to success, so make sure that you keep posting, keep touching base, and keep trying to reach out to people who seem like they may be good contacts.
  • Don’t get too hopeful, too quickly. Do your due diligence on each angel investor before you begin to give away company secrets. When it comes to getting investors, it’s important to remember that there are a lot of scammers out there who might just clean your bank account. Remember, angel investors in particular have to be vetted by the SEC, so make sure you know your laws.

The important thing to realize is that investors want to see companies that are already successful, and the best way to show that you’re a hot commodity is to have a strong online presence that suggests that. Take a good look at your company’s social media presence, your website, and your blog. If you were an investor looking to make a good return, would you trust your company based on what you saw? If not, it may be time to change something soon.