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Google Vs. Amazon for Smart Home Products

Google Vs. Amazon for Smart Home Products

The voice assistant trend has hit its peak with major contenders like Google and Amazon showing off their latest products, featuring cutting-edge smart home functions. Amazon has the Echo while Google has the Home, two products that provide users with their very own virtual assistants. The question is, however, which one is the best?

Choosing the right personal assistant can be tricky since, at face value, the most popular brands seem to be equally capable of performing the same functions. One of the key features that all personalized digital assistants feature includes answering your questions, dialing someone’s number, and can even remind you of important events. Most importantly, you can use either assistant directly on your smartphone.

Here is what you can look for when choosing between Google and Amazon:

Amazon Echo:

Introduced in 2014, Amazon released their voice surveillance program, Alexa, to the public as part of their Amazon Echo products. Since then, several versions of the Echo have been released that offer a unique array of smart home functions. For instance, Amazon has developed the Echo Show which allows for users to video chat, observe installed security cameras, play videos, and do everything that normal voice assistants can do, only visually. This device is the latest in the line of Echo products that offers an intriguing way to search online through the power of your voice.

Google Home:

Having been released for almost 2 years and still going strong, we have Google’s smart home product, Google Home. It uses Google’s very own voice assistant to integrate with not only your smart home but in your tablets and other computer devices as well. Additionally, because it is Google, it integrates well with Googles search engine algorithm, making it easier to search for the most popular products out there.