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Google Plus Can Help Your Business Grow!

Google Plus Can Help Your Business Grow!

Everyone online knows that the most popular social media platforms include Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, but we often forget about Google Plus. Started in 2011, it is owned and developed by Google as their fourth attempt at creating a social network. Although all of Google Plus has similar features to Facebook, from posting statuses to messaging friends, the one key feature that Google Plus has over every other social network is being connected to Google.  Google Plus is an absolute must for businesses because of how it integrates into Google’s Search Algorithm. You can choose to create a Google Plus business page that links your business to Google and builds traffic to your website. Normally, most social networks do not provide the opportunity for search engine optimization compared to business databases, so having a social network that works alongside Google can benefit any business.  In case you are not too sure of how to use Google Plus, here is our step by step method of creating a page for your business: 

  1. Create a Google Plus Business Page 
  2. Establish a Custom URL for your business page 
  3. Develop Your Google Plus Profile 
  4. Link Your Account back to Your Business Website*

*This includes having a Google Plus Icon that clicks back to your page, implementing a Google Plus Badge into your website. 

Additionally, Google Plus works well with SEO and assists in developing businesses on a local SEO level. You can submit your business and contact information to your Google Plus account and link it back to either your website or where your business is located. Once all of your information is set, you can expect to see more search results like this to appear for your business. On top of that, you will be able to explore advertising options through +Post Ads. This will help develop your own Google AdWords campaigns to promote your Google Plus page and gain a steady stream of followers that will head to your website.  Once you establish a proper business page on Google Plus, it’s all about building a successful marketing strategy around Google.