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Should You Go Big with the iPad Pro?

Should You Go Big with the iPad Pro?

The iPad Pro invites its users to think big. The device offers a large 12.9 retina display, along with 5.6 million pixels. It comes with the new mobile operating system iOS 9, and apps designed specifically for the iPad.

But is the iPad Pro designed specifically for you?

Let’s start where most consumers prefer to begin: in their wallet. If you want to go big or go home with the iPad Pro, you need to go home and find an extra $300. The Pro costs $799 for its 32GB model,, $300 more than the iPad Air. If you want 128 GB of storage, be prepared to pay $1,079.

Apple also is thinking big by including a bigger battery. That 12.9 screen will be powered by a 38.5-watt hour rechargeable lithium-polymer battery, which provides up to 10 hours of use on Wi-Fi and 9 hours with the use of a cellular data network.

The iPad Pro also comes with useful accessories. The device now supports a full size portable keyboard for an extra $169, and an optional pencil for $99. The Apple Pencil is pressure-sensitive, and can be used for writing or sketching. It features multiple sensors that can detect tilt and position for better effect on the iPad Pro’s large screen.

Also, for a model with a near 13-inch display, the iPad Pro is relatively light to carry. The device only weighs 713 grams, and its thickness is just 6.9 mm. And the device features a fingerprint sensor, and the newest Apple A9 chipset.

If that isn’t enough, you can now have two apps open at the same time while operating iOS 9. Slide Over lets a user open a second app on the right side as a pinned sidebar. Two apps divide the full screen in Split View, and you can watch a video or use FaceTime with another app open by running Picture-in-Picture.

But the iPad Pro is not without its question marks, according to some observers. Many people feel it needs more available applications. Others believe it is still too bulky, even though it only weighs a half-pound more than the iPad Air 2. Still more people say the iOS operating system of the iPad Pro has Wifi problems, drains the battery, and has some incompatibility issues with certain apps.

If those issues don’t bother you, do the prices of the Pro and its accessories add up a little too high? You can get the iPad Air 2 for $399. That being said, the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 will cost you $899.

Also, how big is too big? Some observers have said that Apple wants you to replace your laptop with the iPad Pro. Many businesses are already using the iPad in Point-of-Sale systems, while others might appreciate the large Pro screen for presentations.
The iPad Pro is too big for a coffee shop, but can’t hold enough apps for a business. As cool as the accessories are, it would be tough on a lot of home budgets to come up with an extra $100 to nearly $270 to add many of them. We would recommend purchasing the iPad Pro if your operating in a business environment.