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Give Technology a Break!

Give Technology a Break!

In today’s business world along with that of the average citizen, technology consumes a large part of our lives. Small business owners have to keep their brands in the mainstream on Facebook, Twitter and the like to maximize their potential contacts and revenue earning.

So you update your home page every time your industry gets a new product. After running your company, social media often cuts into your personal time outside the office. Have you said hello to your family recently?

If not, it may be time to destress and pull the plug on the Internet. We’ve listed six examples you might want to think about to make your life easier.

1.) Pick a time to unplug every day.
There has to be an hour or so that you can turn off technology during any given day. It might be right after you get up from bed. Facebook survived without you for the six to eight hours you were asleep, so why not take one more hour to collect yourself and get your thoughts together for the day? Besides, if you’re thinking about the online world right after you wake up, it proves that you need to unplug.

You might be better off spending that hour with your family after dinner. Just take the time to get involved in their day. Or take one evening a week to go on a family outing like a movie or out to dinner. But make sure and take the time.

2.) Discipline yourself and don’t waste time.
You may have noticed that you can waste a lot of time on the Internet. You can spend hours checking Facebook pages and other updates if you don’t discipline yourself. There are also a number of apps around such as SelfControl that can help you temporarily block access to certain sites. And you can also block notifications you receive and disable alerts.

3.) Take social media apps off your smartphone.
The next step from disabling notifications is taking social media applications off your smartphone altogether. You can check them later from a PC, but you’ll find more time for the outside world if you minimalize your smartphone.

4.) The outside world isn’t such a bad place after all.
Taking time away from social media allows you to return to things you used to do before the Internet. Remember when you used to read actual books without the use of a Kindle or a Nook? Maybe you used to exercise or go outside for a run. That’s actual fresh air you breathe outside, as opposed to confining yourself to your office or computer room.

5.) No matter how hard you try, you can’t do three things at once.
If you’re trying to catch up on office reports, plan your family vacation and read the latest Facebook posts all at the same time, know this: it’s not happening. You’ll end up getting nothing done instead.

When you think you’re getting ahead of the game, you’re only falling further behind. And it won’t get any better if you’re spending too much time on Facebook. Your business suffers, and your personal life suffers.

6.) Consider the possibility of addiction.
If you’re looking for ways to cut your time online, you may recognize that you are addicted. You can be addicted to technology just as much as you can become addicted to smoking, alcohol or caffeine. If a 12-step program is what it takes for you to distress, by all means, use it. You may not realize that you were a tech addict until you spend significant time without it.

In a business, if your job involves updating social media, perhaps you can delegate that duty to someone else. It all comes down to discipline. Scheduling time off from social media can recharge your personal batteries as well as those of your business. When the stress goes down in your personal life, the revenue is likely to rise in your organization.

So remember to take the time to reacquaint yourself with your family. They seem like nice people.