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Get Social or Die: 5 Reasons Your Company Should Be Active On Social Media

Get Social or Die: 5 Reasons Your Company Should Be Active On Social Media

Get Social or Die: 5 Reasons Your Company Should Be Active On Social Media

Social media is no longer a realm that is relegated to teens and tweens that want to express their trendiness and angst. There are plenty of others who are just as trendy and angst filled and can’t wait to let you know. Moms and dads, mum-mums and pop-pops, runway models and run away nomads, business moguls, COOs, CTOs, and CEOs of GMOs. Whoever your customer is, you’ll find them somewhere online. The digital audience has broadened significantly and if you’re not digitally massaging your customer relationships or building new ones… you might as well switch from email to messenger pigeon. Consider the following:

1. Accessibility and Credibility. Almost everyone searches a company online before taking an action. Google is the new Yellow Pages and social platforms are the new ‘word of mouth’. By having a highly active social media site, you become more discoverable to potential customers and build credibility for your brand. Would you show up to a networking event without business cards? If someone seeks your business out online and finds nothing but a social ghost town, you better believe they’ll think twice before using your product or service. Social platforms can also help boost traffic directlyto your company website with a specific call-to-action, and ultimately drive conversions. Less friction, more business.

2. Real-time Reputation Analysis and Management. As your business grows, people are going to talk about your company. So what if you had a set of tools to keep a pulse on what they were saying? Well, brace yourself… You do. By ensuring your company is actively involved on social platforms you can keep tabs on what advocates, haters, and customers are all saying. This type of real-time customer feedback will give you a better idea of what you may need to improve upon moving forward. Taking this a step further, you can also harness your social platforms as a customer service tool. Turn your real-time analysis into action by directly communicating with customers who are sharing their experiences about your brand… good, bad, or ugly.

3. Inexpensive Advertising. Dollar for dollar, having an engaging social media campaign is less expensive than traditional advertising. Better still, it gives smaller companies the opportunity to compete in the marketplace. A clever digital campaign can build small brands in a big way. While your competitors might be dumping benjamins into mailers and radio promos, you can keep your social pimp hand strong with killer content marketing strategies and growth-hacking expertise. Sure, you may still be competing against larger digital ad budgets, but it’s much easier and cheaper to find your niche audience with social hyper-targeting than it would be using ‘traditional’ methods. The expansion of social platforms hasn’t completelyleveled the playing field, but it has certainly built new fields your team can play on.

4. Customer Engagement and Rapport Building. A huge portion of a company’s success is being able to reach out and click with customers, cheesy pun intended. This type of social engagement allows you to create a more intimate relationship between you and your customers. Keep your pants on, we’re not talking about candlelit dinners and long walks on the beach, unless that’s part of your business model. We’re talking about getting to know one another a little better. We’ll share pictures, they’ll share comments. We’ll share value, they’ll share email addresses. This is a digital courtship, with the goal of building trust, don’t ever forget that. If you observe your relationship closely enough, and interpret the signaling correctly, you may indeed score… multiple times.

5. Company Spotlighting. There’s no longer a need to rely solely on publications to pick up that next big company announcement. News, events, or those awesome burritos your team had for lunch can all now be shared on your social platforms. Those burritos looked really amazing by way… just make sure your customers think so too. Your image is in yourhands. So take that daily, weekly, or monthly company snapshot and show your customers, and the world, your best side.

Now, about your next marketing campaign…

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