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Gamification for Business: Redefining Productivity

Gamification for Business: Redefining Productivity

Even with all the advancements developers made in technology for business, being unproductive is a problem for some people, especially if there are deadlines involved. Whether you enjoy getting work done or not, sometimes it can be hard to be productive in the workplace, and that can lead to serious problems. However, instead of installing a mindset that forces work to be done, you should turn it into a game, with Gamification. 

Gamification is the process of using techniques based on the elements of game design to improve productivity and self-management. Turning work into a game may sound strange at first, but this has been a proven strategy for years. In 2012 it was popularized as an integral part of how work gets done. 

Today, major companies like Adobe and Microsoft are integrating new software from third-party developers to introduce gamification into their programs. Here are just a few programs that you can apply to your work: 

  1. Microsoft Office and Funifier
    • Gamification platform, Funifier allows you to gamify your business within hours of operation. It allows you to give out incentives to your employees by setting goals and a progression system to get work done. The good news is that Funifier actually integrates on multiple platforms besides Microsoft, such as localization apps and most social networks. 
  2. MS SharePoint and Attini
    • Specifically designed for Sharepoint and Office 365, Attini is a social media platform that implements a badge system into its programming to incentivize using the app to earn badges. It’s similar to how players earn achievements in a video game: by pursuing goals for sharing and creating content on the Attini platform. 
  3. Salesforce and Cadalys
    • Cadalys’ “Active Community” is a program that works alongside the Salesforce program. Its programming implements badges and awards design completion to allow users to engage in Salesforce as much as possible. This is useful for new users of Salesforce that also want to have fun in their work.