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Four Microsoft Dynamics ERP Solutions for Any Sized Business

Four Microsoft Dynamics ERP Solutions for Any Sized Business

Microsoft Dynamics ERP, or Enterprise Resource Planning, has been designed to take your business to a higher level. The Dynamics ERP solutions can tie the applications that run the heart of your business seamlessly into your existing system, and also work together with their own familiar Microsoft Office applications. And Microsoft has the tools available to help your business, whether your operation is just starting out, or your eyes are looking internationally. Updated and user-friendly accounting software can handle the inventory and ledgers of your small business, while ERP can focus on specialized retail markets, the public sector, distribution, manufacturing, and service industries.

Microsoft Dynamics ERP improves the efficiency and compliance of your organization by creating up-to-date reports and financial data, and it gives your business more insights into making important decisions.

Whatever the size of your business may be, Microsoft Dynamics ERP has four solutions that can improve your future growth potential.

  1. Microsoft Dynamics AX is generally used by larger organizations to standardize processes and improve efficiency. AX includes financial and operations management capabilities, along with help in expanding your business opportunities. The AX solution can be run from the cloud or in your datacenter.
  1. Microsoft Dynamics GP is designed to suit the needs of a smaller or mid-size company. GP is cost-effective because it doesn’t require a lot of training or supervision, and it will help your business adapt to emerging new opportunities.
  1. Microsoft Dynamics SL is more geared to the mid-size business that specializes in projects. SL allows your business to streamline its projects with more accuracy and efficiency, and is easy to use. SL capabilities include financial and project management, along with payroll. It works together with Office 365, and can also be operated in the cloud on Microsoft Azure. 
  1. Microsoft Dynamics NAV. It aids companies whose business processes are more specialized or specific. NAV is a global enterprise resource planning solution that can move your business into the cloud, or clouds, right where you wanted it to be.

NAV works with Office 365 to manage your assets and banking transactions, and handles your inventory, orders, and contacts.

Whichever one you may choose, you can start with the solution that you need to get your company properly automated, then add more and adapt as you continue to grow. With Microsoft Dynamics ERP’s kinds of tools and added insight, the growth possibilities for your business remain unlimited. Maybe in the clouds, just where you were hoping to be.