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Five Advantages of Office 365 and Is It Right for You?

Five Advantages of Office 365 and Is It Right for You?

With Office 365, the age old thinking of working strictly in the confines of an office or an office environment has gone completely out the window. Today’s working environments have exceeded the walls of cubicles and offices allowing anyone to access their content; whether it be a desktop, laptop, tablet, or even phone, at any time in any location desired. Office 365 makes this happen with its robust online capability and anywhere, anytime, nature of working. It takes all the great features of Microsoft Office and assembles them into one portable and proficient way to give more meaning to those on-the-go devices.

Here we’ve laid out five big picture advantages of utilizing Office 365 and if it’s truly the right investment for you and/or your company:

Portability: Obviously this is the biggest and most prominent feature to utilizing Office 365, so it’s essentially the top reason to get into cloud based storage and work from the office, work site, or even your own car. So wherever you basically see fit to get your work done Microsoft makes it available. As long as you reside in an area with a web connection, you’ll have unrestrained access.

Versatility: Office 365 keeps adding new content to an already well-established and structurally robust set of features and apps. With new methods of worker communication even recently added, let alone already the large amount of communication options already available, there’s so many ways to advance your company with this simple convenience.

Online file sharing: Office 365 has enabled an efficient way for everyone on the job to share their own content with ease of just a few clicks of the mouse or taps of the finger. Constantly being in sync with your team gives this feature an excellent means of having everyone you’re working with using Office 365. Production speed and value is of course always a massive plus in this fast-paced world.

Cost effectiveness: Where there’s the option to simply work with the standard Microsoft Office 2013, the $4 a month price tag for starting plans compared to the hefty price tag of Office 2013 makes the decision to go this route a no brainer. With that being said, there’s much more bang for your buck with Office 365, especially for those of smaller business looking to stay under budget.

Ease of maintenance: With being able to set up your own exchange server, or share point server, you can easily manage and update all desktop Microsoft Office software, as well as even install patches or update releases at your leisure. It’s like having a preinstalled IT department included right out of the box.

To sum up, individuals always on the go have the greatest benefit to Office 365, to travel with all their work in a cloud based storage system, always being able to access their projects. With cloud services strongly on the rise as of recent years, now may be the time to jump into the world of cloud and the convenience of Office at your fingertips.