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Feeling an Addiction to the Internet? 6 Ways That Can Break It

Feeling an Addiction to the Internet? 6 Ways That Can Break It

In today’s age of technology, you often have to spend a lot of hours online in an effort to earn your company revenue. Are you able to stay focused on your job assignments? How is your self-control when it comes to devoting all of your time at the office to that bottom line? And you don’t want to spend too much more time on the Internet at home so you can bring a better balance to your life.

But a lot of people today show signs of Internet addiction. It seems that Self-Control and Stay Focusd are actual names of Internet programs that can take you away from those online distractions. Sites are available that will help you kick the social media habit, and regain your focus as a thriving member of the outside world. We’ve picked out six of them for you:

1.) Freedom.

For $10, Freedom will keep you away from the Internet for up to eight hours. It was developed in 2008 and works on Windows, Mac, and Android. Freedom blocks the apps and websites that distract you the most.

You can cut off your Internet connection altogether with Freedom, or you can schedule hours to block in advance. You can add apps and websites to custom lists that you create, and you can assign lists you block to any of your devices. If you break down and need to go back online, you’ll have to reboot your computer.

2.) Anti-Social.

This program keeps you away from social media sites like Facebook and Twitter and helps you to regain your focus. Anti-Social blocks you away from any of the distracting social sites that you list for a specified length of time. The program comes equipped with its own blacklist, and you can add or take away from that.

Again, if you weaken, you can get back online by rebooting your computer. Anti-Social works on Macs and PCs.

3.) LeechBlock.

LeechBlock blocks those distracting websites that cut down on your daily productivity. You can block up to six sites at different times on different days, and you can block sites within fixed time periods. You can also set a password to gain access if you weaken.

LeechBlock can be added to Firefox, and it’s free. You can put LeechBlock into full lockdown mode, and it has a page showing statistics on how focused you have been with the blocks.

4.) Self-Control.

This free app for Mac OS X lets you block anything on the Internet after you schedule a time. You only need to select your list of blocks and click Start. You won’t be able to restart your computer to access those sites even if you weaken.

SelfControl allows you to choose which sites to block for a certain time period. It only works on Macs.

5.) StayFocusd.

StayFocusd helps you to do exactly that- stay focused without your favorite distractions. The difference between StayFocusd and the others is that you choose the amount of time you want to spend on distracting sites. After you have used up that time allotment, you are blocked from them for the rest of the day.

This app is an extension for Google Chrome, and it lets you block entire sites or specific ones.

6.) Dejai Time Out.

Dejai Time Out also encourages you to take a break from your computer work. Time Out lets you pick longer breaks of about 10 minutes each hour, or for 15 seconds about every 15 minutes. You can change your breaks or reschedule them, or you can disable them altogether. You can also receive reminders of your breaks through audio alerts or dialog box messages.

Anyway, according to the Freedom website, every time you answer alerts or notifications or take a look at Facebook or Twitter, your mind loses focus on your job for 23 minutes. If you think you have an Internet addiction, consider checking out one of these sites.

There’s no word on divorce rates spiking because of this compulsive behavior, but don’t let yourself become a statistic.