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Facebook and Social Media: Bad For Your Health?

Facebook and Social Media: Bad For Your Health?

A lot of people spend large portions of their days posting checking their status on Facebook. Some of us may tend to overdo it and question how much time spent on social media is too much. A recent study has determined that a person’s activity on Facebook can help in an understanding of their mental health.

Research from Cambridge and Stanford University finds that someone’s “likes” and other postings can help physicians analyze their mental condition. Lead researcher Dr. Becky Inkster said, according to the New York Post, “Facebook is hugely popular and could provide us with a wealth of data to improve our knowledge of mental health disorders such as depression and schizophrenia.”

Studies have found that social networking can have both a positive and negative effect on a person’s health. The newer study has found that Facebook helps people suffering from schizophrenia and psychosis to socialize more and does not make their illness worse. Facebook can decrease loneliness when someone uses it to keep in touch with long-distance friends. Studies have shown that this makes many people feel more socially connected.

While seeing positive and uplifting content on a friend’s site can improve someone’s mood, being “unfriended” can hurt the mood of some people. In a study, researchers indicated that studying the facial expressions in photos that a person posts online could help to predict their offline health condition. They add that therapy developing from Facebook pictures and timelines could be used to help those who are seen as health risks.

The researchers say that much of their work is just getting started. But people battling depression or schizophrenia need more social interaction with a live audience. Continually using an online image of yourself may just be hiding an underlying problem. Some people compare their standards to others online, and become depressed. Judging your own lifestyle in comparison to someone else’s is a link from social media to depression. 

For one, Facebook can be an addiction. Social media can be every bit as hard to get away from as smoking and alcohol. You might start out by using Facebook as a pleasant distraction from your work day, but suddenly you’re doing it at work and your online time starts to dominate your attention. This occurs even in the business world. Could excess time you spend on Facebook be hurting your business? If so, let TechStarters help you to create a presence on social media the right way. numbers say that 192 million people in the US were using Facebook as of November 2015. Used correctly, social media can build your business brand, and increase your online presence. Let TechStarters take some of the pressure from your shoulders, and just watch how many more people “like” your business.

TechStarters will take a look at your current social media program and try to create a plan to increase your company’s success. TechStarters will formulate a Social Media Channel Plan by listing your social media accounts and your target audience, your goals, preferred content and company tone.

People could post something online that hurts their status with their employer. Some people post their wilder side experiences online without any regard to privacy settings. Psychology Today notes that 89% of people looking for employment use social networks, while 37% of companies looking for people to hire do so as well. Those looking for employment might want to limit viewing of some content to just friends or eliminate it altogether.

TechStarters game plan is more of guidelines or a blueprint than a firm strategy. It can adapt to the needs of your business, and as social media changes. And TechStarters will get you an Internet profile that will make sure the merits of your business are heard all over!