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End of an Era: No More Support for Windows 7 Starting 2020

End of an Era: No More Support for Windows 7 Starting 2020

As technology is constantly changing, it is important for all of us to adapt. This is particularly important for businesses, especially if they want to run smoothly and efficiently. It is vital to adapt because your competitors are always adapting to new technologies. Most businesses often use computers under Microsoft Windows Softwares such as Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10. But as these operating systems get older, it is time to move onto a newer system. At the beginning of this year, 2018, Microsoft announced that they will no longer be supporting Windows 7. So, what does this mean for you and your business? This blog post will explain what can happen, and what you can do to prevent anything serious from happening to your business’ computers.

Windows 7

Windows 7 is coming to an end. It is the end of an era. There are still lots of people who have Windows 7 on their computers, at their homes, or at their businesses. So, what does this mean? Beginning January 2020, Microsoft will no longer have any updates to support Windows 7. No applications will be available for computers with this operating system. There is nothing stopping you from keeping Windows 7 on your computer. However, it is still a threat considering there will be no more security features available for your computer. You are at risk of dangerous hackers accessing your computer, which is especially risky for a business. No one wants their information stolen. Microsoft has already begun halting some updates of some older version of Windows.

What can you do?

What can you do to prevent any issues from arising with the end of Windows 7? There are many solutions. Firstly, Microsoft is allowing their customers to have access to updates on newer versions of Window’s software, although, this may not be the case for all computers. It is recommended by Microsoft that you get an entirely new computer with a newer operating system installed to it.

Here at #TechStarters, we will also help you with receiving the best windows operating systems for your computer. We would not want to see your businesses have issues with security or not be able to obtain the proper equipment to prevent any issues. Give us a call today!

Office 2019

For Office 2019, it will only be available for Windows 10, the most recent software . Windows 7 will not be able to support Office 2019, along with Windows 8.1, and 8. (8 and 8.1 are not at risk yet for any updates that may not be supported).


For your business, it is important to keep up to date with technology. As Microsoft is no longer supporting Windows 7 starting January 2020, it is important to plan ahead! Here at #TechStarters, we’re here to help! Give a nerd a call today and we will provide your business with the proper equipment and new up-to-date software.