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Don’t Get Phished: The Importance of Anti-Phishing Solutions

Don’t Get Phished: The Importance of Anti-Phishing Solutions

We have seen stories before about receiving suspicious emails from well-known companies asking for your personal information to protect you from a possible security attack. If you have received anything like this, you might have almost been the victim of a phishing scam. The good news is you can take the steps right now to ensure that your business avoids any future scams, and the company PhishMe is the best example for teaching you how to avoid being phished. 

If you’re not aware already, phishing is the crooked practice of trying to reveal the personal information of a victim to steal from them. It’s on par with identity theft and has scammed numerous people in the past simply because phishers use your trust to steal your information. Even worse, scammers not only hurt the people they scam but also the businesses they impersonate, ruining their credibility.  

The good news is that after years of word of mouth and awareness, we have more knowledge of how scams work and how to be prepared for them. For business owners, having a close connection with your customers is important, so informing them over email or on your website how they will be contacted during a real security issue can make it easier to avoid phishing scams. However, it still does not stop the problem of phishing entirely. Instead, you or your business should consider asking for the assistance of anti-phishing specialists that will help prevent you and your team from being scammed.  

This is where companies like PhishMe, a business that is dedicated to fighting against phishing with their security software solutions, come into play. Their solutions allow them to work on every level to help businesses understand when an email is a client or a scam. They offer awareness training, the service of providing simulated experiences as well as a reporting software that tracks keywords that appear in your emails that sound like a scam. 

In addition to great software, they offer a series of resources and webinars discussing topics around Phishing, as well as numerous infographics on the subject. The point to be made here is that everyone has come across at least one case where someone has been phished under the guise of a recognizable brand name. Your business could be used as part of a phishing scam if you are not careful. Being aware of phishing is never enough, scammers are getting smarter, and you and your business needs the right knowledge to be one step ahead.