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Different Types of Mobile Websites for Your Business

Different Types of Mobile Websites for Your Business

More and more individuals are relying on the internet to seek the information they desire. As a business owner, having that online presence is important for growth. A website is the first impression on a business and can attract existing or potential customers. Today in 2019, individuals are viewing websites through mobile devices. This blog post will discuss a few types of mobile websites there are and why you should utilize a mobile website.

Responsive Design Websites

A responsive website is great for business. This means that no matter what mobile device you are viewing a website on, the code will size the images, text, navigation, and more to the screen. If you have a tablet, the texts and images will appear larger than they would on a smartphone. This is similar to an adaptive design website. The only difference is the website will have a set of layout sizes based on a particular device. It does not size down as fluidly.

Mobile-Friendly Websites

Some may believe that a mobile-friendly website means that a website can be viewed on any device. Yes, that is true, but it is different from a responsive website. A mobile-friendly website means that the desktop version of your website is shrunken does to be viewable on a mobile device.  There are many users who prefer not to have this type of website since it may be harder to navigate.

Mobile Websites

You may have seen a website with the URL starting with “m.”. What this means is that you are viewing a different website form the desktop version. A mobile website has different coding to make it easier to navigate on a mobile device. You can still use this website on a desktop.

Why You Should Utilize a Website on a Mobile Device

Having an online presence is important in 2019. Individuals rely on their mobile devices to seek the information they need, whether it be on a tablet or a smartphone. You can have a responsive website, a mobile-friendly website, or a mobile website to present your business. Having a website that is viewable on a mobile device will leave a great impression on new or existing clients. Here at #TechStarters, we specialize in websites. We provide websites that are both viewable on desktop and mobile devices! Call a nerd today and get started a website!