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Data Breaches: Why Patching Your Internal Systems Matters

Data Breaches: Why Patching Your Internal Systems Matters

Personal security is essential in an industry that relies on digital connectivity. If you plan to or have a business that uses the internet in any way, then you must be prepared for every eventuality, especially in the case of data breaches.  A data breach can occur if an intruder finds a weakness in either a business’s web application or website, allowing the hacker to leak the information online for everyone to see. Released information can hurt both the customers and businesses involved, especially in the case of Equifax.

If you have heard the news by now about Equifax’s data breach, then perhaps you and nearly 143 million US citizens have way more to worry about than their credit score. On July 29th, 2017, Equifax discovered a breach in their security resulting in millions of users’ personal information being released online for the world to see. Compared to the Target data breach in 2013, the number of users affected exceeds a solid two-fifths of the entire united states population. As a credit report company, their database has access to social security numbers, credit card information, and the personal identities of almost half of the American population. Even worse, reports are already coming in that hackers are stealing $200k worth of credit card data from all Equifax users. So now the question is, what went wrong?

One major factor that comes to mind is that Equifax did not update their own internal web application for a long period of time, giving hackers the means to go into the back-end data and steal user data. A simple fix of their online application using Apache Struts software could have helped avoid the problem. In times like this, businesses should invest in IT professional services to ensure that issues like these are easily avoidable.

For any business owner right now with concerns about potential data breaches, we can all learn from this incident that now is time to take the steps to protect your business and the information of your customers from hackers. We here at TechStarters offer the best when it comes to security assessments and audits that ensure your systems are always up to date and that you have a fully secure website. If your business has web applications or internal systems that need constant maintenance, then you can count on TechStarters to get the job done.