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Dark Social Tracking: An Untapped Way to Improve Your SEO

Dark Social Tracking: An Untapped Way to Improve Your SEO

Using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the best method for building links between your website and other websites to create visitor traffic over a long period of time. Unfortunately, this means that alternatives like social networks are not as good for SEO simply because Google is limited to how much information from social media websites it can track and use in the search engine algorithm. This is where Dark Social comes into play; it effectively uses messaging systems to share links instead of using social media.

For those of you who do not know what is Dark Social, it is the activity of sharing copied URLs on public social spaces, chat rooms, and to a degree some social media sites. Copy and pasting URLs acts as a direct link between the user and the web page linked, creating a new form of SEO on par with “word-of-mouth”. All together that offers a brand-new avenue of SEO that most companies  ignore. The big question is: how can you track Dark Social?

Tracking Dark Social links can be difficult, especially since the primary avenues used are messenger systems by any user on the internet. Since the link is shared from person to person, the metadata that came from the link would be gone because clicking that link is the same as typing in the full URL of the website.

Ultimately, you cannot force users to share links, but instead, market the links to be shareable. Additionally, your business can take the customer support route, using, for example, Facebook’s messenger to contact users personally to answer their questions and concerns. This not only gives you a great incentive to share a link to your website with new users, but it can even boost your business’ potential value overall for being customer friendly.