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Content Marketing on Instagram: Things to Consider

Content Marketing on Instagram: Things to Consider

Back in the day, there were only so many ways to market your business. Newspaper ads (and other types of print media), radio, television, billboards, etc. were the only options. While they were effective, it was never straightforward whether some ads or campaigns would work to draw in customers. But now due to the internet and the rapid development of social media, things have changed. Since people have the ability to provide immediate feedback, it becomes clear very quickly whether specific strategies or campaigns are successful. Companies today have an infinite number of platforms to market themselves. Huge companies are now taking advantage by constantly posting and refining content. But for small businesses, marketing on social media is stressful as there is a limited budget or a perceived lack of interest on the part of the customer. Consider content marketing a good place to start, particularly when posting on Instagram.

Content Marketing: What is it?

‘Content Marketing’, according to the Content Marketing Institute, is a marketing approach which has the goal of profitable customer action by creating and posting content relevant to the brand or company (the content itself does not have to clearly promote the brand but is meant to invite customer interaction). This is a useful strategy when you want more variety with your posts.

Things to Consider

Audience and Branding:

Regardless of whether you choose to use Instagram as your main marketing venue, understanding your audience is important. Knowing who you are marketing to will dictate how you will brand/market your company. The visual style/aesthetic of your brand will need to fit whatever audience you are trying to gear towards. For example, you can use a bolder style for a younger audience while using a classic look for an older audience. If you trying to engage with young people, Instagram would be the best suited for you (most people on there are 18-29 years old). Knowing all of this will help you brand your company and what content to create. The important thing to remember when it comes to branding is to be consistent, especially when you’re posting content. Being consistent with your brand will help you out in the long run as you will become more easily recognizable.

Digital Media Assets and Instagram Stories:

On Instagram, brands have the most success when they use digital assets to help customers visualize content. The best way to approach assets is to spice up whatever content you would normally post. For example, posting infographics and charts are a good way to drive traffic toward you. GIFs are also a great way to keep people interested. People are always on the lookout for anything eye-catching to share with people they know. As mentioned before, consistency is paramount when considering branding and posting content. To add to that, there are a couple of things you should consider: stay relevant not in what you post but how you present it, make sure you make posts of high quality (not just in that the images you use are high quality but it is also worth posting and not for the sake of it).

Peak Times:

For any sort of social media, there are peak times in which the website or app will receive an influx of traffic/activity from its users. This would be the best time to post as to get the most attention. This does not mean you have to or can only post during these times. If you are looking to make a big splash with your content, it helps to post during these times as well as when you would normally post. For Instagram, the peak times are Monday and Thursday at 2 am, 8-9 am, and 5 pm.

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