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Content Delivery Network: What You Need to Know

Content Delivery Network: What You Need to Know

You might have seen it, you may have heard of it before, or you might have heard about it by the means of a buzzword these days. Make no mistake, a Content Delivery Network is definitely something you should be aware of, especially if you’re operating your own business in 2017.

A Content Delivery Network, or simply CDN, is a collection of global servers that caches and delivers files and media such as graphics or videos. When you request a web page, the content which you are requesting is pulled from the server closest to you, rather than the original location. This method CDN uses greatly shortens the loading of the web page you wish to see when you need to see it most.

The way CDN exactly calculates this is by measuring the distance from the closest server to the requesting client, which eventually sends any needed content based on those determinations. Utilizing a CDN for your business comes with plenty of benefits; for example, it can greatly improve page loading time, causing most pages to load nearly instantly.

Having a CDN can accommodate very heavy traffic on your company’s site by reducing any pauses in your web page, therefore delivering a much better experience on the user end of things. A CDN can even provide file mirroring capabilities that can protect your data in the event of natural disasters. Also, advanced applications in mobile and new forms of technology place greater demands on servers, but a CDN has the capacity to handle these new materials as companies and businesses expand their online presence.

So how do you obtain a CDN correctly for your business? For one thing, there are a fair number of private or internet-based networks you can use. Some networks integrate with online video platforms, improving video content. However, before you choose, you should determine if your preferred network supports such subjects as mobile delivery or high definition videos. Other back-end features such as analytics can be helpful to have as well.

Just remember, it’s important for you and your business to host an efficient and properly operating website. Optimizing your site by using CDN services will give your site the kick it needs and, most importantly, improve your overall profit.