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Content Curation 101

Content Curation 101

Content curation is the hottest trend in social media marketing, and it could have a large impact on your business.

The latest buzzword circulating SEO and internet marketing forums is “content curation,” and it sounds more like a museum strategy than it does in an internet marketing plan. Despite its museum-y sound, content curation is something that any wise marketer will consider when putting together a plan on how to get the attention of potential clients, keep them engaged, and see you as an authority. So, what is content curation, exactly? The answer is quite simple. Content curation is knowing what kind of content your clients like, and providing them that content. Sounds simple, right? Not necessarily. Planning out your content, keeping abreast of trending topics, and delivering content in ways that get people interested is all what content curation is about. Here are some of the best tips we’ve heard for those who are just getting used to doing this.

  • People love pictures. You can have the greatest content in the world, but if you don’t have a cool photo or two, then it’s not going to get as many likes, shares and clicks as you’d hope. Infographics in particular tend to be in high demand.
  • Quality over quantity. Ideally, you’d have both quality and quantityHowever, if you have to choose one, choose quality. No one will spend any time looking at, or engage with anything that looks like it poorly created.
  • Keep on topic 90% of the time. You do want to show that you are dedicated to your business, but it’s also okay to have fun everyone once in a while! Get creative with your content and make something funny that shows you have a sense of humor. It also shows your customers that you have other interests that might also appeal to them.
  • Always check for updates and news pertaining to your field. This makes your content more relevant than other businesses if you are on top of current news. It can also be a reason to urge people to buy from you. If you’re a lawyer, you’ll want to make sure potential clients know about changes in law that could affect whether or not they can sue a client. If you’re a food manufacturer specializing in health food, you might want to give people the inside scoop on new anti-GMO practices. The list goes on, but keep it relevant!
  • Think like a consumer. A somewhat common issue among business owners is ego – the idea that your customers are your fans and care about you over your service or product. Your clients don’t want to see photos of you (unless you’re a model), nor do they want to read up on your vacation (unless you’re a travel agent). Your clients do want content that appeals to them. Try to think like a customer and not as yourself. If you were them, what would you want to read about? Post that stuff – not stuff about you.

Content curation is something that everyone who owns a blog should consider at all times. It’s just so happens that most don’t do it correctly, or don’t realize that they are doing it at all. If you own a blog, make sure that you think deeply about what you’re posting and where your strategy is headed.