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Comparing the Top 5 Antivirus Software

Comparing the Top 5 Antivirus Software

Viruses and malware are all over in today’s computer world. Security and the proper antivirus software have become about the most important elements in protecting your personal or business data.

These computer hackers and plenty more can cause anyone the loss of valuable information. Some antivirus plans come already installed on your computer, or you can shop around. You can shop around for inexpensive protection, or you can choose one of the top brands in the country today.

We’re here to help you decide which antivirus software is right for you by comparing five of the top nationally recognized programs around today to help you with your decision.

1.) McAfee

John McAfee founded this computer anti-virus company in 1987. McAfee offers protection against emerging viruses and spyware and performs malware scanning with minimal interruption. The company has received awards from publishers such as PC World and CNET. The security service also blocks threatening emails and protects iOS and Android devices.

According to Best Online Security, MacAfee offers three programs for software protection. McAfee Antivirus 2016 protects 1 Windows PC for $19.99 a year, McAfee Internet Security protects unlimited devices including Windows PC, Mac, iOS and Android for $39.99, and for $44.99 McAfee Total Protection does the same along with storing passwords for online accounts and protecting your privacy with encryption software.

2.) Norton

Norton is a division of Symantec, the world’s biggest security software provider. They offer real-time protection against existing threats. Its virus scanner accurately spots malware and your system’s performance is not slowed by Norton protection. The Norton software features specialized protection for all of your devices and offers a 100% money back guarantee.

Norton’s programs include Norton Antivirus Basic, with protection for 1 Windows PC for $14.99 per year. The Norton Security Standard protects 1 PC or 1 Mac for $39.99 a year, the Norton Security Deluxe covers 5 devices a year for $49.99 and Norton Security Premium gives you protection to 10 devices for $59.99.

3.) ZoneAlarm

According to Top 10 Antivirus Software, ZoneAlarm was acquired by Check Point Software in 2004. Check Point employs over 2,900 network and security specialists around the world and is credited with creating the first advanced networking security products seen in the world. They are recognized for their customizable and powerful firewall.

The ZoneAlarm PRO Antivirus + Firewall features credit card identity protection, browser protection, Facebook protection and real-time antivirus protection for up to 3 PCs for $39.95 a year. ZoneAlarm Extreme Security adds email threat emulation, keylogger protection, anti-spam protection, parental controls and anti-phishing for up to 3 PCs for $69.95 a year.

4.) Kaspersky

Kaspersky has powerful antivirus solutions but is known best for its phishing protection. PCMag has given Kaspersky its Editor’s Choice award, and according to The Top 10 sites, the company has done extremely well in independent testing. It also features powerful spyware and malware for blocking and protecting your devices from keylogger software.

Kaspersky offers its Antivirus program for $29.99 a year, its Antivirus and Internet Security software for $39.99, and Kaspersky Total Security for $49.99. The programs include core protection, advanced protection, identity and financial protection, and digital asset protection

5.) Panda

Panda Antivirus has a high rate of antivirus detection and removal, according to AV-Test. They have a large selection of security packages and a money back guarantee. Panda’s strongest points include real-time antivirus and antispyware protection.

Panda programs include Basic Protection, Internet Security and Global Protection for $21.99, $27.49 and $38.49 a year.

If you prefer your security system closer to home, don’t forget TechStarters. TechStarters can secure your business’ Internet Technology data by implementing appropriate compliance standards and using the best practices. Additionally, you can refer to our previous article on antivirus programs here, either way, the choice is yours.