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Cloud Storage: Why You Should Trust The Cloud In 2016

In an ever expanding world of mobile devices and on-the-go technology, cloud storage has become almost standard in today’s mobile business methods. Whether it be Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, or even Dropbox for example. Your selections of cloud hosting services vary in the wide range spectrum of data hosting.

With 2016 now in full swing, here’re a few solid reasons as to why your business should trust in Cloud storage for the new year:

Free up that space! If your IT department finds the cumbersome task of reminding your employees to clear up their space, it might be time to make the switch. Hard drives on the network can become costly, especially when your data becomes too burdensome to carry on terabytes of external drives. Cloud storage grants the convenience of relinquishing that space, so you can worry less about the pricing of stacking up more hard drives. Also, your employees who will be on-the-go can access their data from nearly anywhere with a trustworthy security encryption not requiring any maintenance from your own IT crew.

Versatility. Having your essential files accessible anywhere at any time makes the cloud in 2016 a crucial reliability for those traveling workers. There’s less fuss for network setup with employees who need to work from their home or on perhaps a hectic business trip, requiring those important documents needed on the spot. Tedious downloading has now been gradually decreased from the process of obtaining those important files.

Benefits to size. For those employees such as graphic designers or artists for example, who work day in and day out on massively large file sizes, cloud storage should greatly benefit. Or those who often find their memory sticks maxing out, forcing them to delete those older files they may be required to load up one day.

Low-risk factor. The initial risk factor to cloud hosting is indeed minimal, as most of the errors or loss of data are executed by human error. For those paid Cloud hosting accounts, most do provide full technical support, so if there’s the case of supposed lost data, chances are it has been very well backed up.

The Apps. Most, if not all cloud services on the market today, feature their own application for your latest smartphone or mobile device. These apps give way to a new method of working on your material, especially when the convenience is right in the palm of your hand.

Your business and the modern company of 2016 can rely on cloud hosting for storage more than ever. With safer transfers and far more concrete methods of keeping those files and work close at your reach. As technology heads into an increasing world of expanding cloud hosting services, now might be the time for your business to jump into the world of cloud storage, with the right IT service to make sure your cloud doesn’t come crashing down.