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Cloud Storage: 4 Reasons Why It May Be For You

Cloud Storage: 4 Reasons Why It May Be For You

Cloud storage is still a relatively new concept in 2015. In cloud storage, a company’s information gets saved in a remote server’s storage area on the Internet. The data is more accessible in the cloud and doesn’t have to be backed up on a hard drive. The material can be accessed online through any of the user’s devices.

Why should someone use cloud storage? Well, why don’t we start with convenience and added efficiency?

1. Mobility: Employees who are unable to be at a business office can work from any location that has an Internet connection. And whatever file the employees had been working on will be saved in the cloud and can be easily accessible on any of their personal devices.

2. Syncs to other devices: The cloud automatically syncs those files to multiple devices. The employee doesn’t need to install software to sync up the data. It will be saved with no extra effort necessary. Many cloud services are also compatible with tablets, iPhones, or Androids, among others.

3. Cost effective: Another consideration will be perhaps the most important one: financial. Through the use of the cloud, your company will save on hardware and server maintenance. A business pays for storage space in the cloud only as it becomes necessary, and adjusts the costs with its provider as the need for space varies.

And cloud storage can reduce much of the expense involved in backing up your information. Use of equipment like an external hard drive can prove to be expensive if you want to create manual backup copies of your material.

4. Security and disaster recovery: Are you worried about security? Well, winter is on its way, and based on the past few years on the east coast, we might be vulnerable to any kind of natural disaster. In the case of damage to your computer, the cloud will have easily accessible backup copies of your data available at a secure remote location. And the information can be restored with minimal or no downtime.

You just need to select what material you would like to have backed up, and your cloud storage provider will easily take care of the job through automation. It will save your business the time and the trouble, along with the expense, of doing it manually. Through automation, your data is housed in a data center, which offers increased security.

Cloud services come in personal, private, public, and hybrid. It’s always best to compare and contrast available cloud storage providers to find the right one that suits your needs. Among highly rated current cloud services on the market today are Dropbox, zipcloud,, and Additionally, you have us at TechStarters who are willing to secure your cloud platform of your choosing for both you and your business.

The cloud is, simply put, an invisible place to store your stuff. But I think you will find convenience, ease, and productivity with the service while watching other routine tasks, worries, and expenses disappear.