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The Differences Between the WordPress Sites

Many people confuse and Some people assume they are the same platform, but they are two different platforms. It is important to choose the right platform for the type of website you want. This blog post will explain the differences between them. The Real Site is known as the real WordPress. It … Read moreThe Differences Between the WordPress Sites

Graphic Design: Not Just a Pretty Picture

Graphic Design

Scenario: Have you ever walked past a storefront and something grabs your attention from the display window? Or, how about flipping through a magazine and suddenly you stop on a page that caught your eye? If you answered ‘YES’ to any of these scenarios, then you just encountered a graphic design element that worked! What … Read moreGraphic Design: Not Just a Pretty Picture

Website Speed, Why it’s Important

website speed

When people talk about the speed of a website they are talking about how fast a website goes from a blank screen to a fully working website for your visitors. Have you ever clicked on a site and then it took longer than 30 seconds to load? What did you do? If you didn’t specifically … Read moreWebsite Speed, Why it’s Important

How to Have a Safe Website for Your Customers

Safe website

It is the holiday season and with that comes sales and lots of them. It’s the perfect time to get more web traffic to your site with a big holiday and Cyber Monday sale. Consequently with all the potential traffic comes plenty of potential risks. Hackers and scammers have a plethora of choices of people … Read moreHow to Have a Safe Website for Your Customers