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TechStarters: There for You 24/7

From: “The Nerd” Being “The Nerd”, I am still learning new things about the TechStarters as I go along, and hope to pass my experiences onto you. Upon researching the TechStarters, I’ve learned that TechStarters was founded in 2010. TechStarters is headquartered in Cherry Hill with a mission to provide affordable technological solutions and excellent … Read more

5 Social Media Platforms Great For Business

Every business out there needs to have a social media presence. Social media is just the new way of doing things, whether it’s communicating with clients or advertising your services. However, you can’t just work with one platform. That would limit your company’s ability to reach to different demographics. Here are five social media must-haves … Read more

Are You Being Socially Engineered?

Social engineering is a little-known form of hacking which basically preys on human nature in order to get important passwords and user information. The social engineer hacker will often pose as an employee for a computer repair store, a software company employee, or even a credit card company rep. They work by getting you to … Read more